My Treatment of Being a Trump Supporter 28

Dylan Weber

You may have seen a boy, about 5’11, white, dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes wearing a hat featuring the words “TRUMP” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Surprise, surprise, that was me.

The one thing that was a big surprise to me was the treatment I was receiving from fellow classmates.

Recently, I ran a bit of an experiment to see how students and staff would react to a pro-Trump student walking the halls. The results made me both proud and disgusted.

I’m going to talk about the positive first. Many students would ask me why I support our president. I would tell them and they would tell me how they felt. That made me happy to see young Americans engage in discussion about politics without having to cause trouble. It was refreshing after seeing leftist harass and outright assault people with a different political view. It opened my eyes a little bit. But then there were the majority of cases.

These cases involved threats, racial slurs, and harassment. One example included me walking out on the field, minding my own business. Then a boy proceeded to get in my face and yell “F*@K TRUMP” over and over again. (Keep in mind that the lunch supervisors proceeded to watch in amusement).

I ask this boy, “Why?” I was trying to engage in a simple conversation with him but he refused. This continued to happen until I just walked away. He just sat there and laughed with his friends.

A second example is that there is a rumor a group of boys is supposed to jump me. There isn’t much to this as they have done nothing yet, but I imagine that they only try to sound tough.

Thirdly – this is the one that really makes me mad – students participated in calling me racial slurs. Calling me a “cracker” on numerous occasions. They would yell it out as I was walking by, eating lunch and hanging out with friends. It was sickening.

I hope this behavior changes. It paints this generation in a bad light. Good news is that I had to retire the hat as I have finally gotten a haircut. I might bust it back out it in high school, who knows? For now, we must say our goodbyes to the not so missed hat.


  1. The thing is, you can’t assume that all democrats/liberals go through every day. And maybe it’s a good lesson for you to see what it’s like to be a minority like me. Not like you’ve done anything negative, it’s just a good learning experience that honestly everyone should experience. It really does make you realize how some people are disgusting and how some are amazing.

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    • First of all Gavin you always play the victim. Stop it. Second he was talking about leftists. People who identify themselves as that. He was not saying something such as “all leftists want to assault trump supporters.”


      • I am not playing the victim. The truth is, I go through harassment every day that not everyone sees. There are people that have done stuff to me that I can’t even talk about on here. It seems very ignorant when you make the assumption that I’m playing the victim. I’m really not. If you were in my shoes for a day you would know. But you literally can’t. Get your facts straight before you assume I’m playing the victim.


      • Further, what land do you come from that gay people aren’t harassed daily? The world isn’t fully accepting yet. You need to open your mind just a little bit more.


      • Ya Gavin I know gays are harrassed daily. But Gays aren’t the only ones being harrassed. I’m sorry if I offended you.


      • I get it, but we have it just as bad as everyone else. I never said we were the only ones. I just said that I´m one of the small minorities that do have to go through harassment and stuff. Sorry if I wasn´t making myself clear.


      • Although, I think we as a nation are more accepting towards gays now than people from the 18th and 19th century were. So I’d say progress has been made. We’re also a lot more accepting towards people of different races, genders, religions, and I think gender preferences now. There is that less than 1% who are “supremacists” but I would argue America as a whole isn’t like that.


      • Absolutely not true. There are 1000 kids at this school, for example. I can name at least 20 of them that have harassed me ever in some way because of my sexuality. There are at least 20 more that I have probably forgotten about. Along with that line, there´s probably another 100 or so who are homophobic but just don´t know me or just keep it inside and mentally judge me.


      • “Thirdly – this is the one that really makes me mad – students participated in calling me racial slurs. Calling me a ‘cracker’ on numerous occasions. They would yell it out as I was walking by, eating lunch and hanging out with friends. It was sickening.” You really do make it seem like you’re oppressed. Don’t say that, because you have no idea what it’s like to ACTUALLY be oppressed by society.


      • And the reason for GSA is a safe place for oppressed people. What do you think the purpose is? To have a club that excludes everyone only because we like a certain gender? NO, it´s because we ARE oppressed and in the club, we talk about how to deal with certain situations. Maybe if you lined up your facts before attacking me and GSA, you wouldn´t be so ignorant about the situation.

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  2. Today, May 17, 2019
    Minecraft is 10 years old, can we not talk politics and be happy for this game’s 10th anniversary?
    Thank you.


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