There are Two Sides to Every Fire Reply

Madison Evans

Ever since the Notre Dame fire, many have shared opinions on the great donations towards repairing it. After over $1,000,000,000+ has been donated, some people have expressed thoughts about how we could’ve used this money to solve many of Earth’s other big problems. Others believe that it is all for a great cause and are grateful for the outpouring of donations.

First, thousands of people who question the new found money are angered that the $1,000,000,000 is being used to rebuild could have used to help solve many huge world problems. This includes donations that could have been made towards the Sri Lanka bombing on Easter 2019. Over two hundred people died, along with many people injured. The funds could have helped the families and victims if given to them. It could have helped hospitalize the people and give them stability while injured.

Another problem that could have used those funds for is one of the most talked about in the world. World hunger. We could solve many factors causing world hunger using the money donated to the historic building, as well. Food donated to homeless shelters, canned food drives, the BackPack Program; the opportunities are endless.

Lastly, among many other problems, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California in the Pacific Ocean, could have been completely swept out of the water and cleaned up with the money donated. This could also lead to more sea life in this occupied section. These people think, sure – when the world ends in twenty years at least we’ll still have the historic building that stole all of the attention from worldwide problems that affect so many.

And of course, there are the people who think that the money was most definitely not a waste. Many of the people who donated are very religious and donated because of their love for God and the church. Some may have donated for the publicity, but who knows if it was just for the attention, because they love God, or even because they just want to save Notre Dame for historical reasons.

It appears that no one knows how much exactly it will take to repair the building, but the money keeps pouring in from donors all around the world.  

In the end, the fire brought more publicity than other worldwide problems. When the Pacific Garbage Patch issue comes up, we will likely find everyone’s pockets are empty. We need to remember when this historic building burned, oh, look! Some people can simply donate any amount they desire.

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