Is The Mile Necessary? 11

Grace Baer

For many Stacey students, the mile is a burden. Running on the uneven field while panting, out of breath is not usually somebody’s favorite thing to do. We ask ourselves is the mile necessary or how will this help me get a job in the future? These are all questions generations of students have pondered.

Many students also disagree on timing the mile. Student Marian Montez says, “They shouldn’t base a grade on something as simple as exercise. While some kids have higher stamina, others may not.”

Mr. Thorsen, one of Stacey’s three PE teachers responds to comments like this with, “We just want you to try your best.” But students are still failing to see the reasoning behind the mile.

Mr.Thorsen also says, “This is to help you become a better and healthier person overall.” Still worse, students that had makeups last trimester and did the mile over twelve minutes were later marked down as missing even if it was seconds over the expected time.

Shouldn’t they just get credit for doing it in the first place? Or should students feel bad about themselves for not getting the ideal mile time?


  1. Keep the mile, it promotes a healthy mind and body. It’s good to get up and stretch your legs after hours of sitting down. If you are unable to get under 12 minutes, train after school.


    • Thank you for your comment, but the article is more saying that timing the mile when different factors come into play for every student is not necessary. I am not saying the exercise is bad, just the concept that somebody with low stamina is timed the same way as somebody with high stamina is unreasonable.


  2. i dont wanna get under 12 minutes or any of that sort, i just feel like running/walking for the better health ya know.


  3. I feel like we should keep the mile, but have no time limit since everyone’s body is different and not everyone can run a 12 or under. The mile should be based on improvement, not getting a specific score.

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  4. What I think about this miling is very bad cause I am fallling behind and my grades are falling in PE. I think students should not do mile score cause first it’s a waste of your energy and plus every student should not time their mile cause it doesnt depend on the time, it depends on thier run. I don’t really care about like running 2 LAPS! Can u even imagine runnung 2 LAPS AROUND THE FIELD! THAT IS SOOO MESSED UP! That’s why i hate myle running, IT”S A WASTE OF YOUR OWN ENERGY!!!


    • LOL You have PE grades?? When I was in SMS, we were just graded for participation. I got an A in PE both years. The PE field at SMS is very small, so even slowpokes have no excuse. I started out 8th grade year getting 11:51 + I ended it with 8:50.
      At MHS PE, they focus on improvement on how many laps you can do. After you have already 4 laps, they know that you are fast and have you move on to the timed finals. But that was in the beginning of the year, so now we have to run 4 laps around the long track under 12 minutes.


  5. Maybe we should give the slowpokes treeline runs every week or every 2 days so that they improve over time, + we’d give the fast people real timed miles.


  6. Or maybe we could have personalized mile pass times based on your height and weight, like we in MHS PE were for the running 1st semester final. The bad thing about this system is that fatter people are given faster mile pass times because it is assumed the more muscle you have, the faster you can run.


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