DC Trip Reply

screenshot-docs.google.com-2019.04.25-10-02-39Avalyn Walton

As almost any Stacey student would know, the Washington D.C trip is one enjoyed by many eighth graders over spring break. For six days, students adventured through Virginia, Pensylvania, and New York. Here is the breakdown of their journey throughout the East Coast.

Virginia/ Washington D.C.

After getting off their red-eye flight, Stacey students immediately began their exploration of D.C. On their first day, students got to see Ford’s Theatre, the place of the historic Lincoln assassination, the Holocaust Museum, and Arlington National Cemetary. There, they got to see many historic tombs, most notably, John F. Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Afterward, they saw the Holocaust memorial.

On their next day in the students spent the first half of their day in Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate. They had time to roam the property and discover the beauties of Washington’s land. Afterward, they saw the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, got to visit two Smithsonian Museums of their choosing, and saw the White House. It was definitely eventful.

Their last day in Virginia was spent on an early morning visit to the Capitol Building. Ater this, they left for Gettysburg.


As mentioned previously, the first stop students made once in Pensylvania was to explore Gettysburg, the historic location of the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. This war was a turning point for the Union during the war.

The next day, the group was given a tour of Philadelphia. This included a trip to see the Liberty Bell.

New York

To kick off their first day in New York, students went on a tour bus of sorts to get a better idea of the city. On this bus, they got a quick overview of the city and it’s most famous landmarks.

The next day, they visited St. Patricks Cathedral and Radio City Music Hall. At Radio City, students were not only given a tour of the marvelous building but also had the opportunity to meet a real Rockette (a woman from a famous group of dancers who perform at the musical hall). They also spent a bit of time at Central Park, particularly near the pond and on the large rocks in the park. Afterward, students had time to shop on Fifth Avenue, and later at Times Square.

Finally, students traveled to the World Trade Center and visited the September eleventh memorial. Next, they visited the grave of Alexander Hamilton, our country’s first secretary of the treasury, who was popularized from a hit Broadway musical based on his life. Finally, before leaving, students went on a  ferry to Ellis Island, and past the Statue of Liberty.

Overall, it’s clear that the DC trip served as a great learning experience for the students, one they aren’t likely to forget.

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