Bring it on Trimester 3 2

Kirra Kirby and Ashley Wolf

Trimester 3 is well underway and there are so many fun activities to come. Next month, in May there will be an open house on the 8th to showcase all of the hard work students have put in this year. Then on June 18th is the last day of school as well as the talent show. The school day will only be from 8:15 to 11:15 am.

For eight graders, 3rd trimester means our years at Stacey are coming to an end. Yes, it’s a sad time but the end of the year also has a ton of fun activities. The DC/New York trip just passed over spring break. All of the eighth graders who went had a great time and are sure this will be an experience they will never forget.

Another fun eighth-grade activity is the Knott’s Berry Farm field trip. Eighth graders will need to complete all three service hours and turn them into their homeroom teacher by the twenty-ninth of May to go on this trip. There will be more information given out closer to the event.

One of the main things coming up in the third trimester for eighth graders is the exit interviews and portfolios. In this project, students will have to write a resume about themselves, collect 3 artifacts, get a letter of recommendation, make a slideshow about the portfolio, do an interview and more. There will be more in-depth information given out in eighth-grade language arts classes.

Finally, there will be 8th-grade graduation and dance. After all that, it will finally be summer. For all the eighth graders out there, this means that our time here at Stacey has come to an end and we will be heading off to high school.

All in all Trimester 3 has a lot to offer and you should look forward to the upcoming events leading up to summer vacation.


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