Are Writers and Journalists The Same? 2

Annabelle Lona

People may be wondering, are writers and journalists the same? They both do the same thing, which is write. Maybe they are the same. This is one heck of a mystery.

Let’s have a conversation about writers. says that writers tend to have a thousand unwritten pieces rattling around in his/her head. It also says that they tend to have different points of view than journalists. Being a writer is an exercise in looking at all the potential pieces they want to write, then prioritizing it.

Take J.K. Rowling for example. She wrote an entire series of Harry Potter, even though she was told that she would never succeed, and after getting rejected 12 times. After finishing the series, her books were published by Scholastic and she became the richest woman in the U.K.  

Circumstances change as when someone is finishing a piece, they may not know what to write next.  In general, writers may have something called “beats” but their main concern is for the act of writing.

Being a writer is also a proposition in poverty. There are not very many paths in getting paid to be a writer. Most considered themselves to be lucky to even get paid at all. However, one of the places that writers COULD get paid, was being a writer in the field of journalism.

Journalism has historically paid writers well enough in the past. And many, many writers have written many pieces for journalistic purposes. Still, some writers may just write what they really want knowing that they wouldn’t make a single dime out of it.

Journalism is a different sort of craft. When it comes to the news, it’s all about informing the public and shaping and improving society. Writing is the medium journalists often use, but it isn’t the only one. Most news naturally has been in written form by journalists, so that proves that often enough, they are pretty good writers.

So to summarize writers and journalists are not necessarily the same thing. Writers generally use a storytelling process, whilst journalists more often than not use a reporting process. We hope this clears the fog for you.


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