The Benefits and a Downfall of the Jupiter-Ed System 5

Isabella Gonzalez

Jupiter Ed is a system created for students to check their grades, look for upcoming assignments, check assignments that they have not done, check GPA, send messages to teachers, and much more. It is very helpful; however, it definitely has some things that need improvement.

To begin, there are many helpful and good things there as well. For example, when a student has a missing assignment or a failing grade in a class, Jupiter will send a message to the parent email and the student email. Although most students would not think it would be a plus for their parents to see their failing grade, it will definitely help them get their grade up and be more focused on improving.

Another benefit of using Jupiter Ed is that a student can message a teacher whenever they would like, they can message the principal anonymously, or showing their identity. The anonymous messaging is very helpful because it allows students to report bad behavior they have seen and tell the principal anything, without having to get involved. Messaging teachers is also very helpful because students can ask them about an assignment they are confused about, due dates, instructions on a certain assignment, and much more.

Along with all of these benefits, there are also some downfalls. One downfall of Jupiter Ed is the report card. When a student wants to check their report card, the GPA is different than the GPA a student would see when they received the official paper report card. For example, on Jupiter, it may show a 3.9 GPA, but when the same student receives their report card at the end of the trimester the GPA may show a 3.8. Most students do not know why this happens. But, there is a reason for this. The reason for the GPA being as it is on Jupiter is because they want to prepare us for high school. High schools calculate GPAs like the one in Jupiter. But, students want there to be only one to make it easier.

Jupiter Ed is a great system and it is very useful to students, teachers, and parents. There is always room for improvement, but it already is very beneficial.


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