What Is This Rotten Tomatometer? 2


Annabelle Lona

When it comes to movies, there is always that rotten Tomatometer percentage on it. Some might be thinking, “What is this rotten Tomatometer?” Well, here’s what this really means.

How about the origin of this meter? Rotten Tomatoes was supposed to launch on August 12th, 1998. However, Rotten Tomatoes officially launched April 1st, 2000, by 3 undergraduate students named Senh Duong, Patrick Y. Lee, and Stephen Wang. Duong’s goal was to “create a site where people can get access to reviews from a variety of critics in the U.S.”

This was originally made to be a spare time project. The meaning of a rotten tomato is to show a review of how much a person likes a certain movie. Rotten Tomatoes has been owned by Flixster since 2010. It was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2011, but in February of 2016, Rotten Tomatoes and its parent site Flixster were purchased by Comcast’s Fandango. Warner Bros. retained a minority stake in the merged entities, including Fandango.

There are three stickers when it comes to the ratings. There’s Certified Fresh, which scores 70% or higher, Fresh, which scores of 60% or high, but do not meet the requirements for the Certified Fresh seal. Then there’s rotten, the unfairest of them all. Ratings that score 59% or less receive the green splat. This meter adds a fresh or rotten rating to a movie, whether it’s brand new, or a few months old!

Now, there’s the influence that Rotten Tomatoes actually have on movie-goers. Major Hollywood Studios have thought that this could become a possible threat to their marketing. Famous movies in 2017, like Baywatch, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and The Mummy received ratings of 30%, 19%, and 16%. Rotten Tomatoes was blamed for undermining them. That summer, however, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming received 92% ratings.

Overall, some may say that Rotten Tomatoes is fair and some may say it is unfair. Some of the most beloved movies of all time have received rotten ratings. Some of the worst have received fresh ratings. Overall, when going to the movies, movie-goers shouldn’t solely base their choices off of the meter. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy your movie!


  1. Good article, Annabelle.
    Rotten Tomatoes is kind of messy atm, but a redesign would be helpful and would greatly improve the overall system. Articles such as these are worth reading.


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