The Illegal Border Crossing Crisis 6

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Dylan Weber

There is a new epidemic at hand. While it seems small it’s much bigger than it really is, drugs and crime are sweeping the southwestern border of the United States. It is happening fast. Illegal immigrants are pouring into California, Arizona, Texas, etc. It is almost to the point to where it can’t be stopped. Yet people want it.

They want South Americans in our country, but why? Well, that is because they can’t see the full picture. In today’s modern society we tend to become unaware of all of the third world countries around us. But now that third world country is coming into ours. I don’t blame them whatsoever for doing this though.

To find a better life in America is a tough and grueling process involving countless hours of blood, tears, and sweat. But we as a nation need to keep ourselves in check. Opening the border too wide and letting illegal immigrants in involves a lot of drugs. America is the biggest consumer of cocaine in the world according to Letting Illegals through could bring in drugs such as cocaine according to Drug Now not all illegals bring in drugs of course, but there still are ones who do.

A stricter border policy will ensure the bad ones will be punished for their crimes. According to the New York Times, they state “Each year, Mexican drug cartels rake in billions of dollars in profits from the sale of heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs in the United States.”  Cocaine and marijuana remain two of the most commonly seized drugs along our southern borders, equating to millions of pounds seized by U.S. Border Patrol,” states.

Now granted, Marijuana is not necessarily dubbed as a hard drug in today’s age, but the sale of illegal street weed takes away from the opportunity for it to be taxed. This means the state/ government is losing money. Cocaine is an extremely hard drug. I would go into the addictive properties and the chemicals used in the production of cocaine but this article isn’t about that.

While these immigrants are looking for a better life, letting in the illegals can put a breach in our security as citizens. So, for now, the best plan of action is to reinforce borders, detain and deport illegals, and make sure we are safe. USA Today says that “In 2000, the Department of Homeland Security built a wall in the Tucson, Arizona, sector. Over 15 years, border apprehensions from CBP dropped by 90 percent.”

There is a literal caravan of thousands storming the southeastern border and it’s not looking good, President Trump’s response was to tighten security. While this is a step in the right direction, we need more, there are still illegals going through the small cracks in our border. Our best hope is to possibly put a halt to this epidemic.

This article is NOT about the legal immigrants. They are much safer than illegals crossing the border without permission from the United States. Hopefully, we, as a nation can help citizens from other countries in the future without putting ourselves at risk.


  1. Maybe America should install immigration places like they do at the northern border, that way only legal immigrants will passports can cross.


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