The Response To The Money Change Was Priceless 5

Avalyn Walton

Changes are being made to American money and for the better. The old faces of  America are being replaced with more relevant, better representation of future America is heading towards.

One change being made to American money is being done to the five dollar bill. The original bill, which had only Abraham Lincoln on it, will be adding more people representative of American history. With Lincoln’s picture being unchanged, the back of the bill will include the activist against segregation, Martin Luther King Jr, the famous first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and the African American classical singer Marian Anderson. It will be a very interesting change to see so many faces on one bill of money.

The twenty dollar bill will have just as big of a change. The former resident of the bill was Andrew Jackson, whose place in American history is quite controversial. Though he was a great war hero and won many battles for America, he also kept and bred many slaves, started the trail of tears which killed many Native Americans, and was known for his unusually cruel ways. The proposed replacement is much less controversial. Harriet Tubman, the creator of an underground railroad that saved many slaves, will be the new face of the $20 bill. Completely replacing Andrew Jackson, not sharing the space.

Possibly even more controversial, for very different reasons, is the new design of the ten dollar bill. The original founding father on the bill is Alexander Hamilton, the creator of our national bank. Up until a few years ago, he was fairly forgotten in the grand scheme of our founding fathers. This is why he was one of the first faces on our money proposed to go. It seemed like a simple decision because no one would care about Hamilton anyway.

However, in the year of 2015, that all changed. A well-known creator of Broadway hits molded the musical, “Hamilton,” which followed the life of Alexander Hamilton and explained the ups and downs of his life. This became ridiculously popular. And as one may imagine, when the Hamilton fan base heard that he might be taken off the ten dollar bill, there was quite an uproar.

So the question was, will the ten dollar bill change? Well as of now all that’s known is that a woman’s portrait will be painted on the back, of whom is still a mystery. Alexander Hamilton will not be booted off though, that much is certain as of now.

Overall, it’s clear America is working to present themselves as well as possible, including their money. This change, good or bad, is being made with good intentions.


  1. There should be no one removed, though there should be people added. While Andrew Jackson had slaves, he still helped shape America. Though he had slaved does not mean he should be forgotten and replaced on the Bill.


    • I agree with Dylan. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson had slaves as well, but they are not at risk of getting changed. Also, I think it’s a good idea to add women to our American currency. While I have not heard of Marian Anderson, America often prides ourselves on creating an environment equal for all, and especially now that includes women. Women have done wonderful things to shape America, and deserve their recognition.


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