Why Band Students Aren’t Feeling Very “Excellent” 31

Gavin Mercado

On March 7th, a long-awaited Band field trip took advanced band students to Kennedy High School. This wasn’t just any regular field trip, it was a band festival.

To those of you who aren’t in band, a festival is a field trip in which the band students go to get “graded,” if you will, on how well they play.

The bus came and took the students during first lunch with all of them having butterflies in their stomachs.

When the band students arrived at Kennedy High School for the festival, they were sent to unpack their instruments and practice in a large waiting/practice room. The students practiced their three songs, “Bryce Canyon” “Overture,” “Gentle Winds,” and “Latin Fire.” After the practice room, they were ready to go on stage in front of the judges.

The stage was very bright, yet the theater itself was dark so that the students could not see the judges talking about their performance. During the performance, Jackie Ajucum said that she was “very nervous.”

After the band students played their three songs, they moved on to sight reading. Sight reading is where one of the judges hands your band a song that has never been seen before, and it must be learned in five minutes. From there, they judge you on how you play the new song for the first time.

After the sight reading portion, the students waited for the bus to come to return to school. When the bus returned to Stacey Middle School with the students on board, the band students were notified of their rating. Which to many was disappointing. It was an Excellent.

An Excellent rating isn’t necessarily bad. In fact, it is the second best rating you can get (if you don’t include Unanimous Superior), but Jenna Montenez said that she, “. . . was disappointed . . .” but, “. . . noticed some flaws while playing.”

Later, the band students found out that they did indeed receive a Superior for the sight reading portion. However, when they were playing their three songs, the judges voted “Excellent, Excellent, and Good” Many, including Jackie and Jenna, were shocked to have gotten a Good rating. They had much higher expectations.

However, the band students did hear that the band that played after them received an overall “Good.” So, it could have been that the judges were rating bands a little bit harsher than usual.

The zero period band students along with a couple of other students who do extra band activities are going on another festival on March 27th. Hopefully, they can get a Unanimous Superior and make up for the Excellent. Let’s go Stacey Band!

Are you happy with Stacey’s Excellent? Do you think Stacey’s band should be disappointed, or are they being too harsh on themselves? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time Cougars, have a great day!


  1. Aiden Kirk, you didn’t need to comment FOUR times for me to respond. I don’t plan to write this comment, but I feel like it is necessary to tell everyone that Journalism is not doing Stacey a good favor, in any way it should. It’s like Twitter, but everyone here is either so full of themselves, or just simply too biased. Not saying that I, myself, isn’t.

    This is where students debate things, that’s a good thing. And did it turn out just how you think it would? No. It is very divided and too uncivilized. Writers of the c-chronicle act as if they’re proud writers, they’re not. I’d rather have a website for only important news. If Stacey wants its own form of a social-site, just unblock any major ones from the school network.

    That took long enough to write. Feel free to reply, I don’t care. Since I already dislike c-chronicle enough to write such hateful things, this will be my last comment. I shall reside myself for peace and calm, out of Stacey’s chaotic funhouse.

    Thanks, people.


    • My apologies but my chromebook was telling me my comments weren’t loading, therefore I attempted multiple times. I do believe this has become an extremely heated and political website but I hope at the end of the day we can all shake each others’ hands and reside as friends, not enemies. It sounds cheesy but I think after the debates are over we are all still human beings who deserve to be treated equally.
      My apologies, An Tran.


    • This is a middle school new outlet, relax yourself. We have faults because we’re teenagers not professional journalists. News will be controversial no matter what. People like you are generally disliked by everyone because they add negativity to everything. Stop acting like a toddler. While it is free speech you added nothing to these discussions. It would be a huge favor to everyone if you could just keep your mouth shut. Thanks.


    • We don’t act as if we are proud writers, half of my friends don’t even know what the cougar chronicle is and I would never brag about writing on it. We all work very hard to write these stories, and if you dont like the cougar chronicle, then why are you taking time out of your day to read our articles, comment rude things on them, then try and defend yourself for calling our hard work “trash”. We all appreciate some constructive criticism when necessary but it doesn’t make us feel good when you disrespect us and our elective. I get really tired of reading these types of comments because people need to understand that we are not professionals, we are middle school students.


  2. And let’s all chill, we’re simply telling you opinion when we write editorials. Editorials are SUPPOSED to be biased, they’re like argumentative essays, the point is to sway the reader. And once again, it’s a middle school website, not MSNBC.


  3. Also, if you have an opinion against us, say it respectfully, don’t just call us trash, please. We do work very hard for this site to succeed, we don’t just sit around and do nothing.


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