Who Really Is Gavin Mercado? 20


Ashley Wolf

Gavin is the stranger behind all of the teacher conspiracy articles. You think you know him, but he is a mystery that may never be solved. Who really is Gavin Mercado? And what is he hiding?

Why Does Gavin Really Write Conspiracy Articles?

We all know Gavin is a great journalist, but all of a sudden he stopped with the Disney related articles. Do you know what replaced those articles? Weekly Conspiracy Theories about Stacey’s very own teachers. Doesn’t this seem strange to you? You probably thought nothing of it, but I’m here to tell you the truth.

Gavin started writing conspiracy articles to distract people, from the conspiracies around him and who he really is. If you still don’t understand what I mean, keep reading to find out. And if you do understand, still keep reading because what comes next may surprise you.

Is Gavin Actually Walt Disney?

Gavin is obsessed with Disney, and everything about it. What is the reason behind this? Well, it may not be obvious to you but it makes perfect sense to me. Gavin IS Walt Disney himself. He has nine Disney related articles on the Cougar Chronicle and many more that were not published. How does he know so much? Well, finally, we have an answer.

There are many conspiracies that after Walt Disney died, he had his body frozen in a tank of liquid nitrogen. Well, it was all a cover-up. While everyone was researching that conspiracy, they missed what was really happening. Walt Disney’s doctors took Walt’s brain and put it into a young boy. Can you guess what the boy’s name was? GAVIN MERCADO! OBVIOUSLY!

Is Gavin Really God?

This may seem like a stretch to you, a 13-year-old boy being God. I assure you though, this is true. How do I know? Gavin admitted that he was God over text (see in the picture above). Before he admitted it though, I was on his case. What led me to believe this, is his name, Gavin Mercado. If you rearrange the letters you get American God V. So this leads to the fact that Gavin is American God the fifth.

While in science class one day, Gavin was talking to me and our fellow journalist, Avi. He mentioned that he was in fact “On God level status” and that he would “curse us peasants.” Was he trying to reveal his true identity to us? Can he not just come out and say it because he is sworn to secrecy? Well, I guess only God knows. *Get it? Because he might be God.*

Maybe now that you know more about Gavin and who he really is, maybe you will look at him and his stories differently. Hide your children.


  1. Every time there’s a conspiracy about someone, I always have to debunk these theories. Kinda like a domino effect. Actually, these theories are getting funnier day by day.

    1. Since Gavin has stopped with Walt Disney, he has started to do conspiracy theories. When he was still doing Walt Disney themed stories, no one would really look at the articles and comment on them. Sure, there could be one or two comments, but when he started to do conspiracy theories, it started getting more attention.

    2. Assuming Gavin is born 2004-2005, there was no brain transfers during that time. There is brain diseases, but no brain transfers. This theory and the third theory will contradict each other.

    3. First, if Gavin was really God, then we would exist as an immortal being. A God would represent something written, for example, Jesus represents the bible, and the religious written works were around the 6th century BC, so he wouldn’t be born for a brain transfer. And I thought that God was nice and not burning other people.


  2. Gavin is a Russian Spy, one who tends to write conspiracy theories to spice up more political matters and drama for Stacey. I’ve said what is to be said, Journalism should just close Cougar Chronicle for good 😦


  3. I have a Ms. Thach conspiracy theory.

    In secret, she is Chevy. Ms. Thach is actually named Chevy Thach. She adopted a dog and named is Chevy to cover up her story. I uncovered it all. She is a dog. Every night, she unwinds down as she unzips her body suit and takes off her speaking collar.All of her instagram posts… FAKE… just another cover up for the real truth.


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