Five Reasons Why Going To Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge Is Going To Be A Nightmare And A Half 5

Gavin Mercado

A few years ago, Disneyland announced something fascinating for their park. A Star Wars themed land. It wasn´t announced until recently, however, that the official name for this land is going to be Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge, and it will open in June.

Now, this article isn’t telling you that you shouldn’t visit Disneyland when it opens, but I am saying it will for sure be a nightmare. Now, here are five reasons why:

  1. The Wait Times:

If you´ve even touched Disney property before, you very well know that Disneyland isn´t one of your usual theme parks where you can basically ride any ride you want. There are lines. These lines, well, they get long.

Active Disney goers know that whenever Disney opens up a new attraction or land, the wait times will skyrocket up. It was reported that when radiator springs racers opened up in Disney’s California Adventure, the wait time hiked up to eight hours long. Media is expecting rides at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to pass that outstanding record.

  1. Getting In Is Going To Be Legit Impossible:

Sure, most would expect the long wait times for the attractions and shops. However, most people don´t consider the fact that there will be extremely long parking lines. They will extend into Harbor Boulevard and Disney Way. There is nothing Disney can do to correct this issue.

Along with this problem, guests have to consider the lines to get through the Disneyland gates themselves. This, I can say, could take up to two hours just to get into the parks. Yikes.

  1. Park Capacity Will Fill:

The thing with Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge is, it will make the park reach maximum capacity. The maximum capacity is eighty-five thousand people. This is not a whole lot considering how many people are planning on attending.

If you would even like a chance of getting into the park in the first place, you need to be at the gate at least an hour before the park opens. To guarantee a chance to get into Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge, it is recommended that you go to the gate two hours before the park opens.

  1. The Crowds Will Be Thicker Than An Ice Block:

When going to Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge, you can bet your very last penny that you will be in bottleneck spaces with very little breathing room. So I mean, have fun with that. This is another reason why you need to get to Galaxy´s Edge early.

  1. The Rest of the Park Will Be Dead:

This final reason is something that not a whole lot of people think about when they think of Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge. That’s right, the rest of the park will be completely dead.

When I say this, I´m talking about Disneyland Park and especially Disney’s California Adventure Park. You can expect both of these parks to be completely dead. Zero lines. I can merely guarantee you that lines will be cut in half.

That´s all for today Cougars. Are you going to Star Wars: Galaxy´s Edge this Summer. Make sure you vote and the poll and let us know in the comments as well!


  1. Hey Gavin it might not be a nightmare. The long lines could build up the excitement, and so what if it would be hard to get there, people could find a way. The park capacity will fill, and the crowds will be thick because Disneyland had been hyping people up for this. Also, the rest of the park will be dead because, as I said before, Disneyland had been hyping people up for this, kinda like at Universal Studios with “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”.


    • I’ve been to the opening of Cars Land, it’s not pretty. The lines got past 6 hours. This land has a much higher anticipation level, so I expect it to be even worse. Yes, it will be an absolute nightmare, I have experience.


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