Why Girl Scout Leaders Are Absolutely Ignorant 22

Gavin Mercado 

This editorial reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinion of The Cougar Chronicle or its staff.

¨Would you like to buy a box of cookies?¨ asks millions of American Girl Scouts every day during cookie season. However, although seemingly innocent, Girl Scouts seem to have a hypocritical side.

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not saying that Girl Scouts are negative or anything. However, there are a few very exclusive things about Girl Scouts that makes it hard to wrap my head around.

That’s right. I´m talking about gender; the word that has quite possibly cut America in half. Girl Scouts, as said in the name, is a program for girls in which they participate in activities like camping, fundraising, and of course, cookie selling.

The problem with this program isn’t anything with cookies, but more, exclusiveness. If you are a boy, you are not allowed to be a part of this program. Pardon? Just because someone was born a certain way means that they are not allowed to join this program.

Women empowerment is all good but, really? It´s 2019 and although oppression will always exist, you can’t hide from it. Isn’t the point of this program to empower women to equality? But here’s the thing. They are being hypocritical. How you ask?

Well, you see, they created a group to promote equality. Yet, they are pushing a certain group {boys} away. Don´t get me wrong, this group is powerful. However, they may be ¨reversing¨ if you will, the problem by making girls think that they are better than boys. Which brings me to say that we are equal. No group is better than the other.

However, I do applaud the Boy Scouts for allowing girls to join. This is one minor step of progress.

Additionally, Girl Scout leaders in Colorado have claimed that they are an inclusive organization, but then stated that, “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.”

They claim that they are inclusive, yet, they still exclude boys who would like to join. Their excuse to use the word ¨inclusive¨ is for transgender females. This makes absolutely zero sense to me or to quite frankly anyone. Now, what can be done to solve this issue?

  1. Start Including EVERYONE: Although the names might point to a certain gender, it’s about time to let everyone start selling cookies. What makes it a woman’s job to sell cookies? On the other hand, what makes it a male´s job to build a fire and go on adventures in the woods? Let’s start making scouts inclusive for every little boy and girl to join.
  2. Change the Name: Although I am happy that Boy Scouts have started to let girls join their program, it’s time to get a name change. Changing the name would not only get rid of gender roles in the scouts but create a welcoming feel to the troops. Instead of Girl Scouts, it could be called Community Scouts. Instead of Boy Scouts, maybe Adventure Scouts.
  3. Separate Sleeping Arrangements: This would have to happen after the scouts combine. One thing most parents would be concerned about is sleeping arrangements. Of course, the solution to this would be to have to separate areas for girls and boys. This would give parents a lot of relief knowing their child could maintain privacy.

Do you agree with me? Should Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts turn into ¨Community Scouts¨ and ¨Adventure Scouts?¨ Vote in the poll below. Until next time, Cougars, have a great day!


  1. I guess I could say this is a pleasant surprise, but here I find myself having such conflictions with today’s standards. Just stop writing these articles, Gavin, it’s not worth it.


  2. The Boy Scouts of America changed their name to the Scouts of America after allowing girls to join. Also, The reason that the groups are separated is that they learn qualities that prepare them for the future, in their NATURAL GENDER. Also, this never went in my mind, but I thought they were both based on similar principals: Leadership, Friendship, and Outdoor Preparedness. Please correct me if I’m wrong, please.


  3. Gavin, I don’t want to contradict you or anything, but I believe the Boys Scouts sell popcorn instead of cookies. It’s somewhat like a tradition and also, the reason why we call it “Girl Scouts” is because we do certain things boys don’t do such as activities that revolve around certain life skills and certain community projects. Also, I think “Community Scouts” and “Adventure Scouts” is a good idea, but it would be a little confusing to join which side. 🙂


  4. Look I know you wrote this as your opinion Gavin, but sometimes people can be offended by other peoples opinion. Also, a journalist should not write in their own opinion, it just isn’t professional.


  5. Boys shouldn’t be allowed to join girl scouts and girls shouldn’t be allowed to join boy scouts. Each program has activities that are acclimated to interests of the specific gender. There are very few cases where women want to do manly things and men want to do girly things. We shouldn’t change the rules just because a few people’s feelings are hurt.


  6. I was in boy scouts for a little and there were some female leaders and everyone was fine with it. Also, there were some girls who helped. Also, I helped a little in my little sisters’ girl scouts so no one said anything about them being exclusive.


  7. I never said that specific troops were, I just said that the people in charge of girl scouts are a little bit exclusive. The troops and troop leaders have no control over this. It’s the people that are in charge of every girl scout troop.


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