Why ‘C’ Students can be More Successful Than ‘A’ Students 18

Annabelle Lona

Let’s talk about ‘C’ students. They aren’t totally sold on the academic system. They don’t worship it, but they see a great deal of good that can come from it. They know that learning occurs in different ways than the system presents.

Our world has dramatically changed since the late 1800s. During that time, schools were designed to teach obedience. According to Lifehack.com, it states that by 2020, more than one billion people will be working from their homes.

This works for ‘C’ students. ‘C’ students usually think for themselves and make up their own agenda without having someone else tell them how to live their lives. ‘C’ students don’t spend enormous amounts of energy trying to impress their superiors. Instead, they are more strategic about how they spend their time.

In contrast, ‘A’ students generally try to accomplish everything for themselves and ‘B’ students do this as well. ‘C’ students, however, build an army of talented people around them, and that army compensates for the student’s weakness.

There is often wasted energy from A+ students because they may not strategize their lives. ‘C’ students don’t use as much energy, so they can be more efficient, effective, and focused in a variety of ways.

Some will see the ‘A’ and ‘B’ students listening while the ‘C’ students aren’t always paying attention, but they are usually thinking about life. This can be helpful for their future endeavors.

Besides, most successful entrepreneurs struggled in school, and they went on to do great things. The most important thing is to have a plan of some sort and work towards it.


  1. I completely disagree with this article *no offense*. Although I get your point, you are basically saying that I’m wasting my breath working hard for my current grades. This hard-working effort is not being wasted. You see, when C-students don’t do their work, they get a laziness habit that carries on with them throughout life. They won’t get accepted into colleges and won’t get a good, high-paying job. It’s the truth and it’s how the world works. If you go into high school with a C-student based mindset, you’re not going to get far in life. When I work hard for my grades, I’m not wasting my breath, I’m preparing myself for college, C-students are doing the opposite.


  2. While on paper, your argument may be an undisputed one, it is proved to be flawed in practice. There are the certain rare occasions where a ‘C’ student, be it in middle school or in college, becomes the world’s next breakthrough entrepreneur. For example, Bill Gate or Elon Musk, who didn’t get perfect A’s or B’s, let alone finish college. Bill is the worlds second-most successful man, first as part of Microsoft and now as a philanthropist. Elon is the co-founder of SpaceX, co-founder of Tesla, and an innovator beyond anyone else’s league.


  3. C-students mind their own goals and whatnot. A-students only care about school, nothing else. A-students then apply these lessons for their jobs, while C-students just finish up their own projects-successful or not.


    • That is not true, I as an A student care about school, but I don’t JUST care about school. I care about soccer and my friends, and my pet, and in Tae Kwon Do! I care about a lot of things, but I still keep school as my main focus. That is the difference between A and C students. “A” students have school as their top priority, while “C” students are thinking more about what they are having for lunch than the school work in front of them.


  4. I would like to know how my grades will ready me for success? I have one c (trying to get it up) one b and the rest A’s. My family doesn’t like grades lower than a B. If I’m still juggling sports, Boyscouts, clubs, instruments, working side jobs, and my homework, am I not going to end up as a well rounded kid who ends up as a well rounded adult? This is a question not a persecution.


  5. This article lacks evidence, statistics, and expert quotes. Your article just includes claims. Where is the evidence? If you don’t have evidence then this article is simply an article about your perspectives, not an argumentative essay. You don’t even have an obvious counterargument. If you cannot simply construct a simple argumentative essay with evidence, then you are in no place to say that C students are better than A students.


    • It’s just I’m not writing an argumentative essay. I’m trying to prove my point because I have found evidence about this when writing that article. For example, during a lecture, C students already have the meaning of it. So they don’t really listen. A Students, however, they are listening to every single little detail. I may sound like Hermoine Granger, but I’m just trying to make a point here. Thank you.


      • But, if you would like to prove your point, you should mention people from the other side’s opinions and why you think their thought on this situation is false. You are only talking about your point of view, not anyone else’s.


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