Mr. Mitchell Conspiracy Theories 15

Mr. Mitchell is a very popular Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies teacher. However, he isn’t all that innocent. Mr. Mitchell may be hiding things that we´ve never seen before. Let’s get into this.

Is Mr. Mitchell A Basketball?:

Everyone who is in  Mr. Mitchell’s class knows that Mr. Mitchell likes to keep his iconic buzz-cut short. But has anyone thought that this might be mandatory? Besides, if a basketball had hair, no one would play with it. Mr. Mitchell is also a coach, according to our resources.

Did Mr. Mitchell Star In Hit or Miss?:

Some students in Mr. Mitchell´s class seem to notice that he always puts his chin on his hand. This may seem normal, but what we have found is very, very unusual.

The TikToker who did cosplay to the Hit or Miss song has a very popular TikTok channel now. However, we believe that Mr. Mitchell is this TikToker. How do we know? Well, we cropped a picture of Mr. Mitchell holding his chin and it fit perfectly on the TikToker´s torso. We caught you in this one, Mr. Mitchell.

Is Mr. Mitchell Secretly A Genie?:

Mr. Mitchell may not be blue, but that doesn’t change the legitimacy of this theory. Journalism students have concluded that Mr. Mitchell is for sure a genie.

We know this because of one simple piece of evidence. He always tells his students to use ¨wishful thinking.¨How many wishes do we get, Mr. Mitchell? Now we all know the truth.

Do you think these conspiracy theories are true? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to vote in the poll! (It´ll be due Wednesday at 8:00pm.) Have a great day, Cougars!


    • I can debunk all of these “theories”. First, has anyone considered that he put his hair like that just because he wanted to? Our hair can represent us and what he likes, and if Mr. Mitchell likes his hair like that, then so be it. Although he plays sports, I would not consider his head to be a basketball; that is absurd. Secondly, the “Hit or Miss Theory” is false. The “Tik-toker’s” right hand is used to make a v-shape around her chin. Mr. Mitchell is using his left hand. How do we know? If you use the left hand to make the v-shape, the thumb would be on the left and vice-versa. His head isn’t even proportioned properly onto the Tik-tok video as well! Lastly, genies grant wishes, while teachers can make a miracle happen in a student. Mr. Mitchell says to use “wishful thinking” to help them with learning. That is my reasoning and logic for these debunked “theories”.


  1. Conspiracy theories tend to prove things “visually”, that’s unfortunate. Next time, do actual research instead of impressing people with your soggy claims, Journalism :/


  2. Gavin, you have to be open to the responses from your conspiracies. It makes us readers enjoy it even more! Good job to the writers and the commentators. I’m sitting here with popcorn and waiting for more comments.


  3. This is the true Mr. Michel and most comments are infected from Mr. Michel causing the mind to think that everything is false. Don’t get infected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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