Stacey’s First Ever Home Volleyball Game 3

Kirra Kirby and Isabella Gonzalez

At the home of the Stacey Cougars, Johnson and Warner each came to fight against our Stacey Volleyball team for the pride of winning the second volleyball game of the season. 

Our Stacey boys and girls volleyball team practiced on Thursday 1/24 and again on Tuesday 1/29 to prepare for the upcoming games. They worked on setting, bumping, and spiking the ball, as well as hitting it off of the net. Then, soon enough, it was game day. They warmed up and got into position, ready to defeat Warner and Johnson Middle Schools!

On Wednesday, Stacey was ready to play their first ever sporting event in the new gym! The room was so lively and everyone was excited to see who would win.

First, the boys played. The Cougars ran in, the crowd cheered. About 10 minutes later, the warriors walked in, the crowd booed (not cool). Everyone was so excited to see the game. The first half of the game was very close. Stacey ended up winning the first half. After the teams huddled and talked to their coaches about specific strategies to try, they played the second half. It came down to Johnson having 20 points and Stacey having 24. Then, the whole crowd was very stressed and anxious to see what would happen. Finally, Stacey scored the final point and the Stacey Cougar boys’ volleyball team won!

After the boys’ victory, the girls were ready to win as well. The first half, the Cougars won. Everyone was excited for the same thing to happen in the second half, and we were ready to win again. Unexpectedly, the Johnson warriors took the point. Now, it was time for the tiebreaking game. Both Johnson and Stacey played their very hardest to earn the final win of the day. It was very close. But, Stacey girls took the win!!

The next day, the Stacey volleyball team’s hard work showed, although the girls sadly lost. In the first half of the girls game, the score was 25 to 23 and Warner took the win in a very close game. Then during the second half, Warner won again with a score of 25 to 17.

On the other hand, in the first half, the boy’s team’s scores were 18 to 25 and Stacey took the win. After in the second half, the points were 25 to 11 and Warner took the win. Everyone in the crowd was cheering for both Stacey and Warner, it was a close game. In the third round, Warner took the win. In the end, even though both the girls and boys teams lost, they played really well and should be proud of themselves.


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