Creative Writing Contest 2019 46

Are you creative? Do you like to write? Submit a creative writing piece, and if you win you will get a prize. There will only be one winner. Your piece can be a poem, a short story or a part of a short story if it is too long. (Please note that we will use a plagiarism checker!)


  • Minimum of 250 Words
  • Maximum of  5 pages
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12
  • Double Spaced
  • Prompt: ANYTHING! Use Your Imagination To The Fullest!

The Submission Is Due February 13th.

Ready To Begin? Fill Out The Form Here!:


  1. The winner gets a medallion. Stacey students, whether you are in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, this would be great to put in your exit interview portfolio and on your resume. 🙂


  2. Three questions:

    1) Are mild curse words allowed in our pieces?
    2) Where do we put our name on our piece? Do we put homeroom, etc.?
    3) Are dark/mature themes allowed? (not an extreme level of mature, just something that may be a sensitive topic).


  3. I know this isn´t on-topic but I didn´t know where else to put it, but I really hope that everyone is safe during the flash floods all over Orange County… stay safe everyone!


    • Thank you for the wishes Gavin 🙂 This is super exciting and I am so glad that this is available. I know I have commented before, but I truly mean it this time! THANK YOU!


  4. Extending the submission date. Not the smartest move, but I would love to get some extra credits as an early submitter 😀


    • The winners were:

      1st Place: Linh Ninh

      2nd Place: Jackie Ajucum

      3rd Place: Katie Nguyen

      They were announced a few days ago. If you are one of these winners, please come to B3 to claim your prize!!! 🙂


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