The Amazing Alyson Boren 2

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Madison Evans

Alyson Boren is an amazing student who loves to play softball, rugby, go to the gym, and hang out with friends during her free time. She is the one that stays calm (most of the time, at least) during tough circumstances both at home and at school. Alyson is a funny, caring, and friendly student who everyone would want to be friends with. Now let’s take an inside look at what it’s like to be Alyson Boren.

To start off, Alyson uses sports to help herself both blow off some steam and train and work hard to get to college with a softball scholarship to UCLA- the college she’d wanted to go to since she was only four years old. While in college, Alyson will take as many college courses as it takes and train very hard to follow a path into becoming a Navy Seal.

Known as “Aly” in her softball league, one of the best players there, she has definitely become famous on the fields. She started playing travel ball in 2018, making new friends and training harder than ever. She mostly plays catcher and is an amazing batter. She would love for softball to take her to UCLA in the future.

But, before she goes to college, she will focus on her grades. She is a striving student with all honors, except for History. She states, “I have always been good at math and language arts, but I got 7% away from 100% on the language arts state test,” which has gotten her here today.  Alyson has zero period in the morning so she could enjoy both Yearbook and Spanish; her two electives.

Alyson’s favorite subject is History, but mostly because of Mr. Chappell. She doesn’t find any of her classes extremely hard, except for her reading and language arts honors classes. She states, “I only find the amount of homework difficult.”

In school, Alyson says she wants to be more efficient on getting homework done for each class. She also thinks that it would be best for her to make more friends; that it would make middle school easier at times.

Alyson states that her mom keeps her going through hard times inside of school and outside of school. She says that her mother is juggling a lot right now, with a toddler and a newborn baby. Her motivation comes from seeing all of her mother’s strength. Alyson states, “If she can do all that, then I can, too.”

Outside of school and sports, Alyson says that the biggest obstacle that she has come across in life is dealing with her biological father. She states that he tries to keep her from doing certain things in life, but she knows that it is her life and she can do what she thinks is best for her.

To conclude, she has been really strong with all of the things going on in her life. With all that she is doing to succeed, she is surely on the path to success. She truly is the Amazing Alyson Boren.

Follow her on Instagram at @aly.boren



  1. I know I’m kind of late, but what elementary school did she she go to?
    Eastwood, Schroeder, or a non-feeder school of SMS?


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