Spongebob’s All Washed Up 1

The whimsically childish, funny, and entertaining sponge that many of us grew up with was once one of the best children’s shows on the air. It had both dumb and childish humor for young kids, more clever humor for whatever older kids were watching, and some adult type humor that goes completely over kid’s heads. It really was the perfect recipe for a wonderful, enjoyable show.

However, I can’t say the same for recent episodes. Spongebob has gone seriously downhill.

For one, all the characters have changed incredibly. It’s like the writers forgot who they are supposed to be. Squidward, for instance, is supposed to be a grump. You’re not supposed to like him at all. And he’s supposed to hate Spongebob and Patrick. But more recently, Squidward has actually been nice to them. Apparently, he even helps Patrick run a lemonade stand. What even happened there?

The writing and production are just much worse now. One of the main reasons is because the original creator, Stephen Hillenburg, left the show after the movie in 2004. The original writing team has also left the show, so the original minds behind the happy yellow sponge are no longer any part of the production.

Spongebob and Patrick also got more stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I know they were always stupid, but now it’s just unbearable. They are so idiotic now, it’s hard to watch them as the main characters.

And even though Spongebob has had a drastic decline in quality, Nickelodeon will never let go of the cheery yellow sponge, at least, not as long as it’s their biggest flow of income. Spongebob will stay on air whether it’s good or not.

It’s obvious to me that Spongebob has just overstayed his welcome. Don’t get me wrong, the show used to be great. One of the best cartoons around. Used to. Now, however, it’s all washed up.

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