Global Warming Is NOT A Fraud! 6

Gavin Mercado

There is something that the world has been steaming about in controversy recently. That’s right, I´m talking about global warming.

Now, President Trump has been quoted multiple times on saying ¨global warming is a fraud.¨ I would like to ask, well, how? Trump claims that scientists are lying about this to gain political interest. However, I would like to ask, how is this fake?:

This is a prime example of indirect animal cruelty. The people who have sponsored Trump’s for presidency support this. They support deaths of countless numbers of animals living at the poles.

This isn’t equality we are talking about; these are innocent animals being killed, falling through unstable ice blocks, and starving because fish supply has gone downhill.

Anyone saying that toxic pollution going into the air isn´t killing the earth is really interesting to me. Did they pay attention in science class? The polluted air doesn’t just sit there. It moves, and it moves far.

Three-hundred thousand animals die every year because of pathetic factory sponsorships. Thirty-five animals die every hour because of current policies, two animals die every minute because of what humans do. Sick.

I thought the world was past selfishness and cruelty. I hope nobody gets offended, but this is absolutely horrible. At this point, we might as well legalize animal abuse.

Do you disagree with me? Do you agree with me? Please leave your argument/counter-argument in the comments below!


  1. I would like to start by saying I mean this all respectively. I’m not sure I understand your claim that Trump supporters support animal cruelty. It seems like you are involving more in politics than the article itself. I agree that the earth is being polluted, but there are many animal support groups helping this situation. In addition, people are siding more with electric cars, which are better for the environment. Also, our parents weren’t taught as much about the pollution of the air in science class. I do have one more point; How did you write this article? Because this is an online article, I assume you used either a computer or phone. Those “pathetic factory sponsorships” created that resource for you to use. I would like to know any further propositions and a call to action about what we could do to help the environment instead of playing the blame game and getting politically involved.


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