Farmer’s Market Palooza Reply

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Madison Evans

On Friday, December 16th, Stacey’s Garden Club had a farmer’s market holding the key to success while trying to raise money for their new shed.

At the market, they had succulents, lettuce and kale arrangements, and lemons. There were large pots of multiple small succulents inside, each sold for $7. There were also medium and small succulents; the medium for $5 and the small for $3. All of the pots were hand painted by AVID and garden club students- decorated with Christmas colors, solid colors, and so much more. The kale sold for $3 and the lemons for $1.

Garden Club’s goal was to get enough money to buy a shed so they can store their important supplies- like shovels, rakes, etc.-  by the end of 2018, or before winter break. At this farmer’s market, they raised $170. Many people bought succulents while the garden club members advertised by chanting cheers and saying, “Come and get the perfect Christmas present for your family!”

In the past, the garden club has raised $60 in the first farmer’s market of the school year. Ms. Thach has her heart set on a shed that the garden club needs that costs $1,200, but the garden club is getting a discount of paying only $700. Mrs. DeBritton donated $500, and the club has about $300 in their own savings.

Lastly, the garden club is working hard to make sure that the farmer’s market is always perfect and that there is enough to sell. The students got out of their last period ten minutes early to go set up for farmer’s market in front of the school’s office. With Ms. Thach bossing the club members around and re-organizing every plant in sight, the farmer’s markets are always sure to succeed.

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