Ms. Phan Conspiracy Theories 15

The Journalism Investigative Team

Does Ms. Phan Teach/Attend Hogwarts?:

Anyone who has ever been in Ms. Phan’s classroom knows that she is a full-blown Harry Potter fan. She collected all a fan could want. Papers, POPS, and even her own cat! But could she just store this all in her classroom because her house in the wizarding world is too full? Our theory is that Ms. Phan also teaches the history of magic to students while they are away from whatever school they go to.

Does Ms. Phan Play With Quidditch?:

We all know Ms. Phan has a room decorated with Harry Potter. Quotes, Lightning Bolts, Wands, and even the characters! (Luna, Harry, Hermione etc.). But you may have been wondering, what does she do when all her students have left? Ms. Phan has even told NJHS students pieces of evidence of playing quidditch in the gym, and they were suspicious.

On one Thursday after an NJHS tutoring session, Ms. Phan told the NJHS students, ¨I need to leave to go hit some balls in the gym.¨ The NJHS students (Gavin Mercado, Teresa Nguyen, and Izabelle Ngo) followed Ms. Phan to the gym.

Could there be some sort of portal in the gym to take people to Hogwarts?

Is Ms. Phan Mind Controlling Students With Cats, Because She’s Secretly Modern Day Mulan?:  

Many may know that Ms. Phan is one of the smartest teachers at Stacey. After all, she has been teaching for quite a while. However, could she be something much more than we could’ve ever thought?

There are cat decorations hidden around Ms. Phan’s room, more specifically on her shelves. However, could these cats be something much more sinister than a decoration? These cats may be mind controlling her students.

Once the cats start the mind-controlling process, Ms. Phan has complete control over these cats and can wipe memories of students. This leads us to believe that Ms. Phan is not just a teacher. Ms. Phan may actually be a Modern Day Mulan.

Think about it. We all know that Mulan is described as a sweet, smart, strong, noble, and the most modest heroine.

Ms. Phan sounds like a lot of those things, all packed into a teacher that teaches yearbook, algebra 1 (honors as well), math 8, homeroom, etc. We know this may sound confusing, but that is just who she is. You do you, Ms. Phan.

Is Ms. Phan Actually Albert Einstein?:

As we all know, Ms. Phan is a very smart teacher here at Stacey. She teaches her students very well and has a very high IQ. However, have you ever thought, what if she is smarter than we think?

In April in 1955, Albert Einstein suffered from something called abdominal aortic aneurysm. This phenomenon caused his death. But, what if he never really died in the first place?

What if this was just a way to get him out of the public eye. Albert could have also found an immortality potion of some sort. Albert probably wouldn’t want people to know that he is still alive. This is why he chose Ms. Phan as the perfect disguise. How smart!

Which teacher would you like the Journalism Investigative Team to investigate next? Vote on the poll!  Also, make sure to comment about your response to these completely true conspiracy theories. Until next time, have a great day, Cougars!


  1. You can’t have Algebra Honors because Algebra 1 is the highest math class in the district.
    Also, if I visit SMS + ask any of the teachers that y’all that have done conspiracy theories on, + they turn into aliens, or their real selves, I’ll just tell them that I’m good at running, so I will get out of the campus. The next school day, I’ll leak this news to the MHS freshies. Then, it’ll spread to sophomores, + soon, every SMS alumni that goes to MHS will now of these.


  2. If you drop 5 bucks under my door I will tell you which conspiracy is true. Lol 😍❤️

    Is it…
    🐱 🧙🏻‍♀️🕹


  3. Can we have relevant evidence explaining these theories? Just following them doesn’t show enough evidence. Although these theories are funny, they are really wrong to me and I personally don’t like the last theory about Albert Einstein. Yeah, these theories are just incorrect: lack of evidence and it sounds farfetched.

    Liked by 1 person

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