Women ARE Oppressed 23

Disclaimer: This is an editorial/op-ed and therefore the writer’s opinion. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Stacey Middle School, The Cougar Chronicle, or its editors.

Isabella Gonzalez

Girls Inc. is an organization that focuses on empowering women. Is it necessary? Yes. Woman around the world are discriminated against and are treated unequally. (Response to “Is it Necessary to have a club about Women Empowerment”)

In the counter-argument article, it states that Girls Inc. is a “frivolous program” and insists empowering women is unneeded. This is ridiculous. The first half of the article is about how women should suck it up because “it’s a cutthroat world.” This world already has cruel things occurring, we don’t need more. The author of the opposing article, states, “It’s a cut-throat world and the no one should ever be given special help because they feel bad.” If girls feel bad, we should not say it doesn’t matter, we should help them to make the world peaceful not cutthroat.

Does the phrase, “Focusing on the whole girl” seem ethical and unjust? No, so why was it stated that “This entails only what can be assumed as the notion of girls not being whole in this society.” Now, this is absurd. “Focusing on the Whole Girl” means that they want women to find who they are, their strengths, passions, and feelings. This phrase does not mean that girls are not whole in this society.

However, women are not whole nor treated equally in this society. Some examples of this include,

  • In the medical field, women are paid 20,000 dollars less annually than male colleagues according to the American Medical Association.
  • It is not a choice for women to stay home, clean, tend to the children. This is what is expected of them. Because if men do it, this makes them seem weak, not masculine enough, and not live up to be the strong man the social standards created.
  • One in three women has been a victim of some form of sexual assault or unwanted sexual contact. Men have been found to be a victim of sexual assault 1 in 16.
  • Physical Labor jobs are not available for women as they are for men. When men do not get an education, they usually can do physical labor. While women, when not getting an education, they often do cleaning jobs. This is completely sexist.

On the subject of pregnancy, in the opposing article it states, “USE BIRTH CONTROL, it’s common sense.” If a person chose to get educated on birth control, he or she would learn that birth control in the US is difficult to acquire. But, it is not common for birth control to be hard to access in 102 other countries where a woman can get birth control without seeing a doctor. Why not America? In the “Is it necessary to have a club about women empowerment?” article, it states a solution for teen pregnancy is birth control, but this is false information because you must be 18 or over to receive birth control from a doctor without a parent. Also, low-income women and girls in rural areas have a difficult time getting a doctor’s appointment because of things such as transportation or child care.

Although, there are solutions. There are more options in birth control. For example, IUD’s which have the lowest failure rates, low risk for infection, is safe and effective. It works by blocking the sperm from getting to the eggs. Another example of a problem that can be solved is when seeing a doctor to get the birth control pill, “In CA, pharmacists aren’t always interested in getting the training to learn the process for providing pills, this can be time-consuming,” states LA times. This means, that pharmacists do not want to learn how to give birth control properly to patients! Again, there are solutions but they are not immediate. HRA Pharma partnered with Ibis Reproductive Health to get over the counter birth control pills and submitted it to the FDA for it to get approved, but it will take many years even if approved. So no, it is not common sense and easy to get birth control.

There is one thing I do agree with in the “Is it necessary to have a women empowerment club?” article. That is that there should be a boy’s empowerment club, but it should be based on standards for men that reflect that they don’t always have to be masculine, that they CAN cry, and men can wear feminine clothes. These are all things that should be included in the boy’s empowerment club. It should not be about “women entitlement and how they get it easier.”

Women empowerment is necessary for young girls.  Girls Inc. is an amazing organization, however, I do agree there should be one for boys as well.


  1. Your first argument is that we can make the world a peaceful place, sorry to break it to you but that’s nearly impossible, we are humans and we will argue and have wars. It’s been that way since our existence and will almost definitely stay that way for the rest of our time ever. The next point is that the “Focusing on the whole girl” phrase is false in my assumption. You go on to explain how women aren’t whole in society. Only strengthening my argument. Plus I made an assumption, while you state it as a fact. Plus women not being able to find their strengths means they aren’t whole in this society. Next argument is that men are paid less in the medical field. There is a reason for this. Men on average ask for more promotions. raises and are higher up in the medical field. They are higher up because men are more likely surgeons and women nurses. Women are “expected” to tend to children at home because it’s what they’re built for. Biologically they are more acclimated to tend to children. Also, women aren’t really expected to do that. I know and see plenty of women out and about doing work without being criticized. Plus men are expected to go out and do work, isn’t that oppressive to men? Yes, women are sexually assaulted more often and that’s terrible, but that’s a really loose estimate. I’ve seen articles saying completely different numbers. Also, sexual assault does not show a fine line where it’s considered assault so it could be considered accidentally brushing up on their shoulder. Women don’t go into physical labour jobs because, well, girls aren’t good at it. They lack the physical make up to prove an asset in that line of work. Sexual protection is not that expensive, I went to seven eleven and higher end trojans cost about a dollar each. Plus you point out that women in different countries don’t have access, this is true but I was talking about women in America and Canada. These are more developed countries with protection more readily available. A parent can go buy condoms and give them to the child. Not to add that having intercourse under 18 is illegal, they can’t legally give consent.

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    • Oh, you state that “Well, girls just aren’t good at it” does this seem fair?? And that doesn’t make sense to me either, a little amount of women are doing physical labor jobs, because of people like you, not because we aren’t good at something. And a lot of girls are strong, they are totally capable of doing physical labor jobs, but they usually do not get the job because they’re bosses are men.


      • Okay, first of all, women aren’t as good as it because they on average don’t have the physical capacity to do tough physical labour things as men, they are not as physically strong as men, therefore, they can’t perform as well. They can’t get hired because their bosses are men? If they are paid less wouldn’t the men want to hire women more than men?


  2. I didnt state that they got paid less in physical labor jobs, in more advanced jobs women are paid less. In physical labor jobs, they rarely get highered.


  3. It is true that men have a biologically physical advantage, however there are still women that are capable to do physical labor jobs.


    • Yea I know there are a few women with pure testosterone pumping in their bloodstream but that is like the one percent. I’m talking about on average. I’m sure a Ms Cali Muscle is out there somewhere but I have yet to find one.


  4. Ok, so I hate to say it, but Dylan has a good point. The female body physically cannot handle certain jobs. THIS IS NOT SEXIST JUST SCIENCE. I am for feminism, however, I do agree with Dylan´s point about that.


      • Yes, like I said they are built differently, but women are capable to do physical labor. It is a smaller number than men, but they still can.


      • Yes, they are, however, some jobs are extreme and only the male body is fit to do the labor. Just like there are also jobs for women that nobody looks at. Some people look away from that and blame men for being sexist, however, there are jobs that are for women only that like I said people just look away from. We need to acknowledge that as well.

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      • Back on my thing, you know that little restaurant called Hooters? Yea, they only hire women. SportsClips, women only. Nurses, majority women. So I mean don´t say women are oppressed job-wise because, for the most part, it´s pretty even. They have a lot of opportunities than men don´t have. However, women are oppressed. It´s just in different ways.



    Your article makes a good point. Yes, it is important for girls to be empowered. Of course, they should acquire the right materials. HOWEVER…your essay (in my opinion) had irrelevant points for women empowerment.

    “It is not a choice for women to stay home, clean, tend to the children. This is what is expected of them. Because if men do it, this makes them seem weak, not masculine enough, and not live up to be the strong man the social standards created.”

    Some women enjoy staying at home, cleaning, and caring for their children. By saying this, you are somewhat suppressing the women who CHOOSE this kind of lifestyle. Additionally, not everyone thinks that a man running a home is “weak”. A study in 2015 showed that an estimated 1.9 million fathers remained home with the kids (16 percent of the stay-at-home parent population) according to a HuffPost analysis of U.S. Census data.

    “Physical Labor jobs are not available for women as they are for men. When men do not get an education, they usually can do physical labor. While women, when not getting an education, they often do cleaning jobs. This is completely sexist.”

    As everyone has mentioned before, the male anatomy is DIFFERENT from a female. There are labor jobs that are too extreme for most females, so, therefore, a hard labor job will, OF COURSE, have more men than women

    and while I appreciate that you acknowledged the opposing side, you didn’t exactly acknowledge them enough to make your point convincing. You kept bashing the previous article for most of YOUR article and only agreed with them on your last sentences. You should have mentioned your opposing side more to make your article sound less biased. Additionally, I just want to make it clear that a boys empowerment club WILL NOT make boys less masculine, force them to cry or pressure them to wear feminine clothes. Those are for the BOYS to decide. A boys empowerment club will serve as a safe space for boys, an area where they can find themselves comfortable within each other’s presence, where they can relate to experiences that sometimes us girls have a hard time comprehending anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk yall *tired fist bump*


  6. Women and men are treated differently, but sometimes that’s appropriate. For the physical labor jobs especially, men are just better suited.


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