YouTube Rewind 2018 was Really Bad 7

Screenshot 2019-01-10 at 9.20.14 AM.png

Adrian Nguyen Dinh

It’s time to open up about this situation.  Many people hated this year’s YouTube Rewind. Those who don’t believe this then, look at how many dislikes it has, about 15 million dislikes.  That breaks the record for the most disliked video which previously was “Baby” by Justin Bieber with 9.8 million dislikes.  

To start, it’s missing all kinds of big events that happened this year.  First, why is there no PewDiePie? About everyone should know what happened to PewDiePie, his battle with T-Series is still going on and yet he isn’t in the video?  

There have been so many articles and videos that have talked about this fight between these two channels.  Many YouTubers such as Mr. Beast are trying their best to help Pewdiepie get the upper hand. One hacker has killed two birds with one stone which was helped Pewdiepie and raising awareness for printer safety.  Not putting Pewdiepie in there was a bad mistake.

Next, why is there no Logan Paul or KSI? First, Logan Paul started blowing up on January 1st. Then, he and KSI were in a boxing fight.  Then, KSI got into a diss track fight with Qudeca. ays later, KSI got into a fight with his brother and it has finally ended on January 7. Logan Paul and KSI were very important this year.

Another thing is, Jake Paul was involved with one of this year’s greatest conspiracies in YouTube history, “Is Jake Paul a Sociopath,”  This was a huge series made by Shane Dawson to see if there is more than meets the eye with Jake Paul. This involved a lot of former workers at Team 10 who wanted to give their insights about him.  This eventually led to YouTubers giving hate about putting Jake Paul on a “platform,” but when it was over, it turned out Jake Paul was not a sociopath, phew.

The last thing it was missing was some memes and diss tracks.  One of the greatest things the internet has created that they missed is Tik Toks anthem, a great meme. There was the Fortnite “Dance Moves” which made an amazing meme.  Another meme was Super Smash Bros Ultimate with these funny characters with one as Article 13. Diss tracks were amazing, for example, there was Pewdiepie’s diss track vs T-Series.  Another one is KSI doing diss tracks against Logan Paul, Quadeca, and his own brother Deji.

YouTube Rewind has been getting worse year after year so, the employees of YouTube need to keep better track of YouTube in 2019 to make a better Rewind than 2018s.  


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