The Government Shutdown 8

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Gwyndalynn Kent

As of December 22, 2018, the federal government has been on shutdown all for Trump’s demand to fund a wall separating the US from Mexico. This demand is not being met. For those people who don’t understand what a government shutdown is, it is when the “nonessential offices of the government close due to lack of approval on the federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year,” according to

If an agreement is not reached, the shutdown causes many federally run operations to close and stops the work of all federal employees unless their position is considered essential. This shutdown will stay in effect all until a final decision is made and a budget bill is passed.

Around 800,000 Federal workers in the Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, State, Transportation, and treasury departments are all being forced into work without pay because of the shutdown. Now is this really fair all because two groups of people can’t agree on a topic?

Thinking personally, I really don’t believe that it is right to completely shut down the government over an argument like this. In doing so they are not only stopping service to other people who need the federal government and not giving people the work and money they need in order to pay for food, appliances, and even housing.

An example of how this whole government shutdown affects more than just its employees is how it affects government organizations like SNAP, commonly known as food stamps. According to an article on “The Department of Agriculture has announced it will continue to fund SNAP (food stamps) through February.” but what is going to happen when February is gone and the Government still can’t come to an agreement on what to do about funding for the wall? 

Now, understanding why they had to shut down the government is very easy to comprehend and the point isn’t to say that the government is kind of stupid for doing this, it is just to tell the story of the shutdown affects people like 36-year-old Jacinda. She told NPR that, “If there’s no check on the 26th, I have no idea what we’re going to do, our rent is due, the electric bill is due, our cell phones are now past dues.” Her husband is working as a TSA officer in Portland for over 40 hours a week with no pay. What exactly are all of these people supposed to do without all of their money they have earned with their hard work.   

Let’s all just hope that soon enough the shutdown will be over and someone will finally resolve the question of, “will they give Trump money to fund the wall or will he need to give up on the wall?” so that all of these poor people can earn back all of the money they have earned with their hard work.


    • Well, the reason Trump is doing this is so he can protect the nation. He is in a sticky situation. The illegal immigrants are going through our border and posing a threat to national security. Trump’s plan is that the wall be funded or he will take the money for the wall out of an emergency fund to pay for it.


      I don’t exactly agree with putting thousands of people out of jobs. Hopefully, there is an alternative for them to be re-hired or find a new job all while helping border security.


      • If you want my personal opinion, I think that he´s sacrificing too much for the little the wall would do. There are lot´s of loopholes other than the border, like in the sky, or even sneaking onto boats. Putting that many people jobless isn´t worth such minor help.


      • There could be simple radar installed, sonar for boats and the wall will essentially pay for itself. The cost of illegal immigrants is about 56-200 billion dollars a year. The cost for the wall compared to the amount of money spent on illegals is quite small. It’s not just a wall that would be built, The president plans on reinforcing security and focusing on making the border stricter. It isn’t going to be just a minor help. But unemploying workers may not be just.


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