Mrs. Ortega Conspiracy Theories 3

The Journalism Investigative Team

We all know Mrs. Ortega as a friendly, yet challenging teacher who adores her students. However, is there more to her that we can uncover? Is there more to her life that she isn’t telling us? Let’s find out.

Is Mrs. Ortega Secretly A College Level Professor?

Many may know that Mrs. Ortega is one of the more challenging teachers here at Stacey and loves to push her students. But could she secretly be going to Cal. State Long Beach every weekend to teach college students? Evidence of this is that she is known to say that her work is, “preparing you for college.¨

She is even an AVID teacher, or (Advancement Via Individual Determination). If you are not aware, AVID is a class designed to help students graduate from college. She seems to know a lot about colleges. This must mean that she is secretly a college professor when nobody’s looking.

Is Mrs. Ortega Using Kids’ Sorrow To Stay Alive?

The answer to this question may be vague for right now, but it is in the process of being answered. The blood, sweat, and tears of students are basically being dropped in Mrs. Ortega’s class. Think about it, does Mrs. Ortega use her student’s tears as water??

What is really in her Dasani water bottle? We do have a little bit of evidence for this. Mrs. Ortega loves popcorn from Disneyland. She has a line of popcorn buckets in her room all from Disneyland.

Disneyland popcorn has a very salty flavor. Therefore, she loves salt. Teardrops are salty. So Mrs. Ortega must be drinking her student’s tears. Speaking of Disneyland, let’s get onto our next theory.

Is Mrs. Ortega A Disney Princess?

This is a shocking theory. A simple eighth-grade teacher could be much more than we think. Mrs. Ortega as we know her is obsessed with anything Disney. However, could she actually be associated with Disney in a way you couldn’t even fathom?

What if she is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Think about it! They both have brown hair. Mrs. Ortega is a reading teacher and Belle loves books. They both always wear yellow as well. Mrs. Ortega is clearly a Disney Princess.

Is Mrs. Ortega Darth Vader?

While the Journalism team was investigating Mrs. Ortega, we discovered something very interesting. A picture of Mrs. Ortega in a costume. But not any costume, a Darth Vader costume! Can it be that Mrs. Ortega is Darth Vader?

When we asked her about the costume, she told us that ¨she is on the dark side.¨ What is this supposed to mean? Is Mrs. Ortega just trying to pull her students to the dark side? Keep a close eye on her, she may be more than the teacher we think she is.

Is Mrs. Ortega A Time Traveler?

Students notice that when in Mrs. Ortega’s class they stay for a seemingly unusually long time. Our theory is that Mrs. Ortega manipulates time so that she can teach more material in one class period.

Mrs. Ortega has been seen going behind her desk while students work, tinkering with something other than the red pen that she uses to give students grades, good or bad. Could she use this as a strategy to make class longer?

Comment down below which teacher you would like the Journalism Investigative Team to investigate. Until next time, have a great day, Cougars!


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