STUDY SKILLS? Are You Kidding Me?!? 7

Gavin Mercado

School, school, school. We all have to endure that obstacle in life. Many students are fascinated by the topic and love their schools. However, some would consider eating a spoonful of salt rather than going to school.

Of course, school is all about language arts, math, social studies, science, and whatever other academic classes there are, there’s one more period of each student’s choice that everyone loves. That’s right, your elective!

There are so many electives at Stacey, from Broadcast Journalism to Marine Biology. However, there’s one more thing that the district throws in your face. The numbers on your report card, otherwise known as GPA. If the district doesn´t like your GPA, they get to take away a fundamental right, your chosen elective, that ever Stacey student should have. 

Now this may sound silly, but, trust me, it’s not. Study Skills has become a thing that nobody really looks at. When you get your elective taken away, they put you in a class for you to get your work done, and that’s about it.

Now, you may be thinking that it’s not a big deal and students who don’t meet GPA requirements got what they deserved. This may be true and I do believe consequences should be given. However, this is not punishing the student; it is more punishing the student´s future.

According to Education Week, ¨Elective teachers might not have the same amount of homework to grade as English teachers; we might not feel pressured to cover the curriculum as a math teacher might feel. But despite the “fun” part of our jobs, we play an important role in helping our students to learn, to focus, and to achieve. Elective classes reveal the skill sets of some students that might not be obvious in their other classes, helping them see their strengths and affording them opportunities to be of value to their classmates. Reaching performance goals or learning a new language requires students to be organized, to set goals, and to evaluate if they’re meeting those goals.¨

These students whose electives are taken away are more likely to drop in even their academic classes. Elective classes whether robotics or even advanced art can help grow a student’s mindset and increase academic performance. Kids who are put in Study Skills are more likely to continue down the same path they were on before, or jump on a worse one.

Giving students choice can really help them emotionally and academically. This can relieve any stress or depression a student may be going through. This is why an elective of choice is important for every student.

Instead of using Study Skills as a replacement for a failing student, the district should try different interventions. A call home, a club ban, or even a talk with the Principal or Vice Principal would really help these kids grow rather than getting rid of something so precious.

It would be really nice to see these Study Skills teachers create a new elective. What about a dance elective, or maybe video game design elective? An animation elective anyone? There are so many reasons why Study Skills should be terminated from Stacey and from the district in general.

I would hope that most students in or out of Study Skills would agree with me that it should be banned. Doing homework and reading for forty minutes straight has no influence on expanding your mindset. Maybe your vocabulary, but that’s about it. I believe that as fellow Cougars we need to do our best to find a better solution and stop Study Skills once and for all.


  1. Yea study skills is trash, it’s just a room where kids go to not do their work and stare at the walls. I’ve been to study skills and all I did was sleep and wish I was at home to do the work instead of what feels like a prison.


  2. I’m split with this article. I support the article because you don’t learn anything new in Study Skills, but I also support Study Skills because it offers extra homework time. Maybe, a way to compromise this is only offer Study Skills as a 2nd elective (with 0 period PE) so the people in Study Skills will get to be in their elective of choice, but also be in Study Skills at the same time.


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