Too Many Toys 9

Madison Evans

This year, many toys are being purchased for Christmas. These include LOL Surprises, Pomsies, FurReal Dino Munchin’ Rex, and much much more. Many of these toys are the hot, new thing for children that live all around the world.

LOL Surprises are dolls that kids aged around four to eight enjoy. They are a small ball with a doll and accessories inside, wrapped with a plastic wrap that is decorated to appeal to the eye. Inside, there is a doll with things like dresses, hats, bows, shoes, and much more. There are LOL pets, Little Sisters, Big Sisters, and more. With LOL standing for Little Outrageous Littles, they are tiny and can easily get lost. With the largest LOL Surprise pack, they can cost up to $69.99.

After getting the theme song stuck in people’s heads from seeing it in many commercials, “Pomsies” will have kids asking their parents for one; a furry toy cat that is a small ball of fur with a long tail that grasps its owner’s arm while they hold it. Over the past few months, though, they have quickly escalated to more than cats- unicorns, dragons, koalas, and even glow in the dark. Kids today are obsessing over the cute, small furballs, as everyone can clearly see in the commercials.

Kids would just love to have a dinosaur roaming about their house, and now that is possible. With the lovable, cute dinosaur, FurReal Munchin’ Rex, kids can have fun with the responsibility of feeding, training, and playing with an ancient times monster. The dinosaur eats “caveman cookies” and, surprisingly, broccoli. When hungry, he hops around to let its owner know that he wants treats. He reacts with over thirty-five sounds and actions when its owner waves at it, pets it, and feeds it. As a new toy, it costs up to $60.

To conclude, there are many children that dream of getting these toys for Christmas or Hanukkah. With these hot, new toys, stores are sure to be stocking up for sales that they will be making for this month’s holidays.


  1. Ever since Toys R’ Us closed its store in America, all the major corporate stores have been trying to mimic its business.

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