Let’s Get Rid Of The Mess That Is Stress 2

0523180835-1Avi Walton

Simple stress is something that everyone has faced or will face at some point or another. It’s everywhere. From a student’s grades and homework to a parents bill’s to the crazy politics of the world we all face, stress is a normal thing to feel. However, if your life is full to the brim with stress and anxiety, it might be time to learn some coping mechanisms.

I, unfortunately, know that many of those who face daily stress and anxiety have tried to fix it and come up short; that’s okay. Many, if not most, of your attempts to lift stress from your shoulders, will fail. It’s unrealistic to expect every one of these tactics to work for every person. However, it’s always worth a try. Here are a few ways to lessen stress and anxiety.

Put Things In Perspective:

Is any of this really as bad as you think? Can you really control any of this? More than you’d like to admit, you have no control. And if you can’t control something, there is no point in stressing.

Understand What Triggers Your Anxiety:

Some recommend keeping a journal to jot down your anxious thoughts or fears. Many people find this to be the best way to track your stress and anxiety and understand what it is that usually makes you anxious. However, many have a hard time remembering to write in the journal and some don’t actually find it useful at all.

Despite all this, most everyone can agree that making note of the things that trigger your anxiety is an important step in helping yourself and your mental health. Once you know what triggers your anxiety, you can avoid and counteract those things or people.

Take Care of Your Body:

Many people have found that if you take care of your body, it will, in turn, assist your mind. Try to eat well-balanced meals to keep your energy up, and exercise to keep you feeling good. Try to limit caffeine intake, because caffeine can aggravate anxiety and trigger anxiety attacks. And finally, get plenty of sleep. Not only will your body function it’s best, but when you’re feeling anxious your body requires even more sleep. So aim for eight hours or more, and get plenty of rest.

Talk To Someone:

It’s often said that the best way to deal with tough things is to talk about them. If you’re feeling anxious, talk to friends and family. People you trust will probably want to help you, and you should let them. If you feel like you need more professional help, see a counselor or therapist. Talking helps.

Take a Step Back:

Take a deep breath and step out of your situation. Try counting to ten or listening to music. Take some time to calm yourself down and relax. Be alone if you need to, it’s okay. Just allow yourself some time to relax, and not think or worry.

Remain Positive:

Don’t worry about perfection, just aim for your best. Let go of the idea of perfection and become content with your best, whatever that is. Whatever you do, just keep a positive attitude around your anxiety and stress. Know that positivity can make dire situations better.

Overall, when you are feeling anxious or stressed, step back from the situation and calm yourself down. Talk to someone and try to remain positive. Take care of your body the best you can. If you can do these things, your anxiety just may be easier or perish for good.


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