Mr. Yohn Conspiracy Theories 17

Gavin Mercado, Grace Baer, and Annabelle Lona

Everybody knows Mr. Yohn as a friendly social studies teacher to eighth graders all over Stacey, but is he who we think he is? Does Mr. Yohn really have a wife, is he a part of the Illuminati, is he really able to run? Let’s find out…

Is Mr. Yohn Part of the Illuminati?:

It may seem obvious when asking if Mr. Yohn is in the Illuminati. There are many sources that the journalism investigative team consisting of Gavin Mercado, Grace Baer, and Annabelle Lona have found.

Mr. Yohn is found in multiple websites listed here:

There is much more where this comes from. He is seen battling the supreme courts in Washington D.C. How could a simple middle school teacher get this far? When did he go there?

Mr. Yohn also claims he is running for President. It is believed that every President of the United States starting with Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Illuminati.

He could be running to get higher on the Illuminati totem pole? Who knows with Mr. Yohn? An average teacher may be more mysterious than you could ever fathom.

Is Mr. Yohn Jesus?:

There are many rumors that Mr. Yohn is not only a teacher but the holy Jesus Christ himself.

It may seem crazy to think that your very own teacher is Jesus but we do have some evidence to back it up. Mr. Yohn sometimes mentions that he once had long hair, but cut it later on.

Mr. Yohn is known to preach things in a persuasive manner to his class. Almost like delivering messages from the unknown. Are the things he says messages from God? Will the earth die in his presence? Every morning when Mr. Yohn’s car pulls up, a light beams down from the sky onto Hot Topic.

This leads us to our next question for Mr. Yohn…

Is Mr. Yohn Mind Controlling Students To Go To Hot Topic?:

It seems that nowadays Hot Topic is a favorite among Stacey students. Hot Topic sells high-quality jewelry, t-shirts, etc. However, there is evidence that Mr. Yohn has ties with Hot Topic and is mind controlling his students.

Every class Mr. Yohn talks about going to the mall. For example, during his first two periods, he was questioning whether the students went to the mall for Black Friday shopping. He then pushed them to go back to the mall as they may have still had sales. Is Mr. Yohn the new king of Hot Topic?

If so, Hot Topic must be related with the Illuminati in some form. Which may be strange. Although strange, Hot Topic is a lot more than a store. It may be a place where Mr. Yohn performs rituals for the Illuminati.

Is Mr. Yohn An Alien?:

There is ample proof from Stacey that Mr. Yohn is an alien. Mr. Yohn moves in an abnormal way when walking around the classroom. Rather than walking normally, his back arches forward when he walks.

Being an alien may also be how Mr. Yohn mind controls his students. He claims that he is married to America & black coffee. Could an intellectual disease from Mars cause hallucinations for him to think that he is married to inanimate objects?

Who knows? Mr. Yohn could very well be from Mars.

Are these just conspiracy theories? Which teacher would you like Journalism to investigate next? Comment below!


  1. Also, when his history classes learned about Lewis + Clark, he literally let their spirits enter his body + tell the story.


  2. New theory. Mr. Yohn is the earth. There is tons of proof, how would he know so much about history, and why would he say that he is married to the earth. Also, he knows alot about what is going on in our country and other countries.


  3. Wait. How do we know if Mr.Yohn didn’t mind control people to think that all the stuff on the websites are real. Also, that leads back to my theory about Mr. Yohn being the Earth itself, but he made a living version of himself to watch over what happens on his planet.


  4. I think that Mr. Yohn or illuminate is actually a ghost who possessed a random person to be reincarnated every 70 years to spread his knowledge and to spread the hot topic disease further so I think that Mr. Yohn was born in the 1700-1800 to spread the history that he lived through over and over again. This proves that Mr. Yohn is Jesus because he keeps reincarnating my evidence includes the random tangents that only someone who witnessed it could tell anyone who has more proof should leave a comment bellow.


  5. Mr. Yohn works for a public school: Stacey Middle, yes? Since Stacey is a public school and Mr. Yohn teaches there that means Mr. Yohn gets paid by the Government of California. Mr. Yohn could be a government spy that is being paid to watch us kids and pretend to teach social studies 😮😮😮😮


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