The Uplifting Ukulele Club Reply

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 8.52.50 AM.pngMadison Evans

Ukulele Club is a club that calms your senses while playing beautiful music, taught to you by one of Stacey’s physical education teachers. Mr. Thorsen has been playing the ukulele for many years, and he has an amazing story to tell how it all started for him.

It all started with Mr. Thorsen when he was eight years old when the librarian at his school gave him a box of old and broken ukuleles that he “glued back together and started to teach others.” Mr. Thorsen then started teaching students and his own children as he got older. Mr. Thorsen still loves to play his ukuleles on his lānai, which is Hawaiian for “deck,” or “balcony,” at his house in Hawaii. He finds the ukulele a very relaxing instrument to play; especially when he’s teaching others.

Mr. Thorsen states that he just loves “teaching the ukulele” and enjoys Hawaiian music. He has been teaching the ukulele club at Stacey for fourteen years; one year there were over thirty students in the club. Mr. Thorsen himself started the club, and it takes place every Thursday after school by the science building.  Right now they have fifteen students, and most of them are new at this relaxing instrument and have just started this year.

The students are definitely enjoying the club. Jake Galiana states, “I joined because my friend joined, and now I really enjoy it.”

Most of the students own their own ukuleles. Mr. Thorsen always has at least three or four ukuleles at hand for a student that doesn’t have one.

Aiden Kirk says, “Its a really easy instrument to learn” They learn songs like “Surf,” “Wipeout,” “Over the Rainbow.” Aiden has been playing since the beginning of this school year and can “learn a song pretty quickly” He borrows one of Mr. Thorsen’s ukuleles, like many other students. “I like the sound of it,” he states.  “I wanted to join last year, but I didn’t have time on Thursdays.”

When Mr. Thorsen first started the club, many students came in. He states that he likes “to get the kids to learn so they could perform at shows and special events.” Playing the ukulele in front of crowds and at performances can boost your confidence in front of others.

Overall, the ukulele is a pleasant instrument to play when you are stressed, or for when you want quiet music.  Mr. Thorsen is definitely the best teacher for the ukulele if anybody wants to play here in this school. Given his amazing past with the ukulele, he surely deserves more students in his club, so come to check it out!

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