Should There be More Thanksgiving Break Debate 2

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Jolie Phan

While we are aware that Thanksgiving has passed, it is always worth discussing making our breaks from school longer, right? So here goes.

Thanksgiving is the best time of year to spend with families and friends. Cooking that golden turkey in the oven. It’s smell soaring through the air, flying with the birds. Students come home and get a week off from school to see their families. But what if that break could expand?

Many students would like the idea of getting a longer Thanksgiving break. Like Bradley Tran, Christopher Pedroza, Michelle Trihn, Keira Uyehara, and Lalla Amin. Bradley thinks that we should have a longer break since we have nine months of school. Christopher wants to have more time to bond and spend with family over a longer period of time. Keira and Lalla want to study and read during the break and have time to see their family. The rest want to see the rest of their families and relax. The main thing about Thanksgiving is to see relatives and enjoy that long-lasting break.

But isn’t it way too long? Is a week preparing for just one day reasonable? Jake Lina and Madison Evans think that a week is way too much. Madison thinks that the Thanksgiving break should be one day, on a Monday, because we have a few days to relax and do nothing before and after the Thanksgiving day. All we do is lie around and do nothing. “It would be nice to have more days in the break, but if it continues longer, it isn’t really ‘Thanksgiving’ break anymore,” says Jake. Thanksgiving break shouldn’t be that long, there’s nothing do before and after Thanksgiving day.

Many students who favored more days in Thanksgiving break wants to relax, study, and spend time with friends and family. While the others who want fewer days of the break are yearning to learn and get back to class. Should there be more Thanksgiving break?


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