Behind the Scenes- One Starry Night 2

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 10.10.53 AM.pngMadison Evans and Jolie Phan

One Starry Night, hosted by Ms. Thach, Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Valverde, and the students from AVID is upon us. They have been preparing for the December 12th  spectacular. An inside look of the dance will definitely show everyone how much work and time has gone into it.

AVID kids have been running around and helping Ms. Thach prepare for the spectacular night and getting some last-minute things done for the dance. (Ms. Thach doesn’t like when students do things at the last minute) “AVID is always busy…go go go!” says Ms. Thach.Ms. Thach claims that the AVID kids are 100% involved in the dance and that the teachers are only there to supervise.

Ms. Thach and students made posters, flyers, and decorations in preparation for the dance. Ms.Thach states, “We make posters for advertisements for the whole school and make decorations to cut down the cost of buying decorations at the store.” Ms.Thach also made the jingle grams for everyone to wear at the dance, which will be sold during lunchtime for one dollar. 

Ms. Thach also stated the money from the jingle grams and tickets will help “raise money to pay for the busses in order to visit college campuses.¨

The tickets to get into the dance will be $5 with ASB, $6 without ASB, and $3 for the AVID students.  The dance starts at five o’clock and ends at seven, so everyone needs to wear their winter clothes because it will be cold!

At the dance, jingle grams will be handed out if you bought one, and Builder’s Club will be hosting a spin the wheel to win game of chance for students to play.

Leadership, like always, will have food that will be for sale. There will be an Ugly Sweater contest that the AVID students will also be hosting. The Winter Dance King and Queen will be voted among by the students.

They are not letting anyone into the dance after 5:30, so come early. The dance will take place at the basketball courts, decked with Christmas-y lights and decorations that have to do with stars to match the theme; One Starry Night.

Have fun at the dance Cougars!


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