Should students bring blankets to school? 3

Grace Baer

Lately, a petition to bring blankets to Stacey has been going around. Already, 42 people have signed up and Heidi Alvarez turned in the petition on Friday, November 16th.

Heidi had the idea to start the petition when she noticed it was getting colder in the mornings. She then went to the office to do something about it.

Mrs. Kirk let her get as many signatures as possible to make it happen. The petition would allow students to bring blankets and pillows to school. Although this doesn’t allow kids to sleep in class, it would make learning a lot more comfortable.

Some teachers are against this petition as they will think the blankets will make a distraction from learning. Mrs. Kleen says “Bringing blankets would make kids not want to learn as much” will this petition change minds? Or will students not get to indulge in comfort at school?



  1. Actually, blankets were allowed up to the beginning of last year (around November). They were somehow banned.


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