Meet the Thriving Garden Club Reply

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Jolie Phan

Gaming, cooking, dancing, and reading are all hobbies. But have you tried gardening at Stacey? Gardening is a great hobby to help you relax and learn. It’s an entertaining and satisfying experience.  

All Garden Club meetings are at 2:45 – 3:30 in room D3 after school on Fridays, rain or shine. The supervisor is Ms. Thach. “A funny, straight-forward, and amazing teacher who always likes to get to the point of something,” is what Madison Evans says about Ms. Thach. She likes to be in the warm climate and see her children grow. Ms. Thach thinks the purpose of the Garden Club is to “get your fingers and hands dirty in the sun.”

Presently, there are 34 students attending the Garden Club. During the meetings, they discuss the updates of the garden and tell others about it. Mrs. Thach hopes there would be more students to share her hobby with. There are currently three gardens growing away in Staconia. There’s one at the next to the A building, E building, and one in front of the G building.

Members grow papayas, oranges, grapevines, kales, lettuce, two banana trees, and string beans fresh from the Stacey gardens. Come stop by D3 after school to check out what Mrs. Thach is working on. Gardening is a great way to relax and is a great experience. “Come and play with the dirt in the sun!” said Ms. Thach.

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