Is Vaping Cool? 9

Dylan Weber and Savannah McVey

Ah yes, vaping with your friends, looking cool and making yourself look like a complete tool. It’s funny how people find blowing smoke out of your mouth and getting a possible nicotine fix makes you look cool at your own body’s expense. These days vaping is viewed by the younger generation as edgy or “savage.” The only thing is, kids know that vaping is unhealthy but they still proceed to do it. From the outside point of view, it is not cool, vaping makes them look like a complete loser. It’s essentially a millennial pacifier.

What are in vape cigarettes? Besides the obvious nicotine, there are chemicals like glycerol and propylene glycol. To make it easy to understand, those are highly explosive and addictive. As you are inhaling that explosive goodness, you’re also inhaling some good ol’ poison, literally poison. Many teens believe that these vapes have natural ingredients and water making them better than a cigarette, which is completely wrong.

There are many effects of vaping on the human body. For example, cottonmouth, a phenomenon usually associated with marijuana can be caused by vaporizers. Cottonmouth is when the mouth gets extremely dry, causing the person with cottonmouth to have terrible breath and stained teeth. Not only physical changes can be seen after smoking e-cigarettes, depression and extreme anxiety have been linked to them. As these chemicals enter the lungs, a high risk of lung damage is given.  This kind of lung damage is different than traditional cigs, instead of turning the lungs into a lump of charcoal, it makes soup out of the respiratory system. What this means is that pens are literally melting your lungs. When you cough up some phlegm, that would be some of your lungs.

Is there realistically a good reason to be hooked on these vapes? The answer is no. Some people would say that it gives you a good buzz, the same “buzz” you could get from holding your breath for too long. Think about it, people started smoking cigs because it looked cool, gave you an interesting head high for maybe 5 seconds and was THOUGHT to be harmless. It’s a pattern.

Yes, it may help people quit or get an alternative to smoking but it’s also very marketable to the youth. For example, JUUL is a company that designed a vape that’s small, easy to use, and looks like a USB. JUUL brings up the fact that these types of designs are marketable to the average smoker, but if we can be honest they are most likely trying to hook minors.

Vaping is stupid and dumb. It does not benefit anyone in any way. E-cigarettes can cause many health issues. It is not worth it to risk your life for a slight buzz. Kids these days are “blowing clouds” for the clout. It needs to stop.


  1. Reblogged this on Boycottnicotinetominors and commented:
    I really enjoyed reading this article as it seemed to address many different problems with vaping. The author brings up the idea that most people know that vaping is bad for you, but they continue to do it. I believe this was an amazing approach to the topic as many people will only talk about it being bad for people, not understanding the fact that many kids will do almost anything to “be cool.” I agree with the idea brought up that many people would believe just one little inhalation couldn’t cause any harm. But from there, sprouts another, and another, and soon it’s an addiction.


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