All The Upcoming Field Trips That You Should Be Excited For! 3

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Gavin Mercado

Who loves field trips? Everyone loves field trips! Although field trips may be for an educational purpose, most would agree that they are much more fun than class. This year there is a ton of upcoming field trips for some of the electives and other classes. This is a list of all of them.

8th Grade Knott’s Berry Farm Trip: This trip will take eighth graders ONLY to Knott’s Berry Farm to have a great time! There, they can ride roller coasters, watch shows, and eat some delicious food. All eighth graders have a possibility of going.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in eighth grade, must have all 3 service hours completed, must bring an amount of money (not announced yet) to Mr. Yohn a few weeks before the field trip starts, must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

DATE: Sometime in May/June.

“Honors” Band Festival Trips: This trip will take “Honors” Band kids to two iconic festivals. During period 5 Mr. Woodruff stated, “I expect nothing less than a unanimous superior rating.” Which is the highest rating you can receive at the festival?

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in Period 5 or 0 Period band.

DATE: Sometime in Spring.

Yearbook Disneyland Trip: This trip will take Yearbook kids and likely Journalism kids to the Disneyland Resort. Here the kids will experience a full day of education in Disneyland. After the educational part, students will get to roam the magic of Disneyland for four hours.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in Yearbook or Broadcast Journalism.

DATE: Mid to late May.

The Band “Showcase”: The Band showcase will be for all advanced band students to showcase band to incoming 6th/7th graders. They will be playing multiple songs for Clegg, Schroeder, Eastwood, etc.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in an advanced band.

DATE: Winter/Spring

The AVID Field Trips: As of all we know right now, there are three “announced” AVID field trips. Mrs. Ortega expects more than these later in the year.

UC Riverside: The AVID students will be visiting UC Riverside in early second trimester.

UC San Diego: The AVID students will be visiting UC San Diego in late second trimester.

UC Santa Barbara: The AVID students will be visiting UC Santa Barbara in May.

REQUIREMENTS: Each of your teachers must sign a permission slip and your grades must be stable. You also must be in AVID.

Leadership Disneyland Field Trip: The Leadership kids will be going to Disneyland at the end of the year. This will be similar to Yearbook’s field trip. They will be doing educational activities and at the end of the day, they will get about four hours to roam the magic themselves.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in Leadership.

DATE: Late March/Early May

Marine Biology Aquarium Field Trip: Marine Biology will be heading to a California Aquarium in January. The kids will do fun activities at the aquarium and will gain further knowledge from sea life by seeing them in their habitats.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be in Marine Biology

DATE: Early to mid-January

There are most definitely a ton of field trips coming up! Are you able to go on any of these field trips? Let us know in the comments below!


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