The Knowledgeable Nardeen Gebraeel 2

Madison Evans

Nardeen is obviously very busy in school, but in her free time, she likes to read. She would rather read a series of books than a single book. She sometimes likes to take a break from schoolwork and hang out with her best friends.

Nardeen states that she is no expert in sports or musical instruments. She is a student who has all A’s, a GPA of 4.2, in all honors classes and is very proud of her accomplishments in the past years.

Nardeen is not your average everyday girl. She won the outstanding student award in both fifth and sixth grade and pushes hard in everything she does. She is in honors reading, language arts, and math. She loves to read, and her favorite subject is math. When anybody asks her why she likes math so much, she states, “Numbers are just easy to understand.”

Nardeen’s elective is Spanish. She believes that it can get her into many jobs that require to know more than one language, and it holds more opportunities for college and much more. She wants to go to USC or San Jose for college. She wants to study the analysis of statistics to become a statistician when she graduates. For this job, she will need her bachelor’s degree and will definitely use her amazing math skills that will hopefully carry on throughout college.

When Nardeen is in tough circumstances, she just remembers her want and need to succeed. Getting through middle school academics is tough, but to maintain all A’s in all honors classes is even harder. The biggest obstacle she has come across in school has been “changing classes and getting lost going from class to class.” She doesn’t like the thought of getting lost in a big school while changing classes.

She is proud of the little bit of keyboard that she can play, but other than that, she’d rather stick to schoolwork.

Nardeen is definitely an incredible student. To maintain a GPA of 4.2 in all honors classes is more than incredible.


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