The Phenomenal Summer Boren 3


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Summer Boren


Isabella Gonzalez

Summer Boren is an outstanding student, friend, and classmate. She is not only very kind hearted and a friendly person, but she is an exemplary student and role model for her fellow 7th graders.

Summer is not a girl that likes to waste her time, she does an extraordinary amount of activities and hobbies. Her favorite and main sport is soccer, but she loves to do Taekwondo after school, voice lessons, girl scouts, and the drums.

She not only does all of this for after school, but she also wants to join the Stacey soccer team, and she is already enrolled in badminton club, cornhole club, and book club. That takes us into her hobbies, she really loves to read, play outside, sing, dance, and take funny quizzes online. This definitely shows that Summer is not a lazy and non-interesting person, she does not like to have a minute wasted.

Summer is not going to pass up on having the best 7th-grade year, she has many goals that she is hoping to succeed in, and some that she has already accomplished. Summer’s goals for this year are having straight A’s, a 4.0, and to make 40 friends. She has already made 30 friends and this because of how truly kind she is to her peers.

When asked her accomplishments for this year she states, “I have made 30 friends, won the spelling bee for Stacey and went to the district level, and I was the student of the month for October.” This is already amazing for being in school for 2 months, but she has made many more achievements in her past years.

She has kept straight A’s since 3rd grade, tried out for the spelling bee every year, she was Genie in the play Aladdin, and she also got arts exemplary award in 6th grade.

Summer is open minded and loves to learn new things. She could of choose an elective that was art or woodshop, but she chose Spanish and yearbook. She chose to learn a whole new language that she was unfamiliar with, she is truly passionate about learning.

Summer Boren is an amazing friend, she cares about everyone’s opinions, and is a confident, funny, sweet, brave, and amazing person. No-one would regret getting to know Summer, she truly is phenomenal.


  1. 30 friends! Wow! I didn’t even make that much 7th grade year. Even though I try in every class, I can only hold straight As in the beginning of the year. This girl is truly a great girl.!!!


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