Drug Abuse Is Life Abuse 2

Annabelle Lona

Drug abuse is known to take physical and mental control over a person body. What is it some may ask? Well, the answer is here.   

Currently, more than seven million people are suffering from a drug disorder. Drugs aren’t cool, nor okay to abuse. They have negative effects on the body and eventually take control of the brain and interfere with one’s ability to make their own choices.

There are different ways people use drugs, such as inhalation, injection, and ingestion. Ingestion of drugs has a delayed effect, while the injection goes into the bloodstream and has an immediate effect. Dopamine levels are affected by most of the drugs that people tend to abuse, which helps regulate emotion, motivation, and feelings of pleasure.

Drugs can have physical and mental effects on your body. They can affect your brain, body, behavior, and health. Substance abuse can stand for many things, like illegal drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions, improper use of a prescription, and underage drinking. Some drugs like cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy, and heroin are known to have the ability to controlling someone’s mood.

Different emotions can be either dampened or aroused by these types of drugs. Take cannabis and mix it with schizophrenia for example. Using cannabis gives you a higher risk of triggering a schizophrenic episode, and for people smoking it on a daily basis.

Drugs have negative effects on your brain, body etc. Your friends may think doing drugs is cool, but it can be deadly and not safe.


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