The Eliminate Project through UNICEF – Builders Club Reply

Annabelle Lona

Builders Club members raised money to support The Eliminate Project through UNICEF collecting donations from houses whilst trick-or-treating. Each member was given a box to keep the change they collected. The club’s goal was to raise at least $75.

The Eliminate Project aims to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus around the world. The donations will provide a series of vaccine doses to protect pregnant women and newborns from this devastating disease.

Every 15 minutes, a newborn baby dies from tetanus. Their short life is marked by pain, extreme sensitivity to light, sound or contact that prevents even a mother’s touch. Since 2010 The Eliminate Project has raised more than $81 million to help vaccinate women and babies against this deadly disease. 25 countries have now eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus. Mothers and babies in 14 other countries are still at risk.

UNICEF established on December 11, 1946, as a relief organization after World War II and soon expanded to helping children at risk in currently developing countries. It used to stand for United Nations International Emergency Fund.

It currently works in more than 190 countries and territories to save and protect children. The program expense ratio of UNICEF donates about 88.4 percent of the donations to help children in need.

Our middle school Builders Club is part of the local Kiwanis family. Builders Club meets every other Tuesday at 2:50 in B3.

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