National Love Your Red Hair Day Reply

Ashley Wolf

Gingers, Strawberry Blondes, Redheads of all kinds, I hope you celebrate and appreciate your red hair. Even if you are not a redhead, National Love Your Red Hair Day was a day to celebrate. November 5th was National Love Your Red Hair Day. Here are some facts and reasons to love red hair.

  • Redheads feel pain differently, they feel stinging pain less than anyone else
  • The ancient Greeks believed that redheads turned into vampires after they die
  • Red hair never turns gray, it only turns to a shade of blonde
  • Only 2% of the world’s population are natural redheads
  • Redheads are harder to sedate than other people and require up to 20% more anesthetic
  • In ancient Rome, redhead slaves were typically more expensive than others
  • The redheaded stepchild joke still annoys us even though we have heard it literally 1000 times
  • A mutation called MCR 1 gene causes red hair
  • Redheads generate their own vitamin D
  • People with Red Hair and Blue eyes only take up 1% of the Earth
  • Red Heads feel toothaches more than anyone else so they have a valid reason to hate the dentist
  • Redheads soak up more sun because they usually have less melanin producing capacity in their skin and thus are more sensitive to the sun
  • They have more pain tolerance
  • Are less tolerant of the heat and the cold
  • Redheads bruise easier
  • Contrary to popular belief, Redheads do have souls
  • Climate change is threatening the MCR 1 gene, even so, redheads won’t be going extinct any time soon

Redheads, these are some reasons to love and appreciate your beautiful, unique hair. Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day.

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