Live Music and Child Waiters; Cabaret Night Reply

Avalyn Walton

When Perry Como sang, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” he was certainly not alone in his opinion. Being home and with your loved ones is the perfect way to celebrate, and so it’s only fitting that this year West Arts “Cabaret Night” follows that theme. “I’ll be Home for the Holidays” will be a Cabaret Night to remember.

The majority of students at Stacey have probably never been to one of West Art’s Cabaret Nights, but the breakdown is simple. Guests at Cabaret Night will find that Stacey Middle School multi-purpose room has been transformed into a winter wonderland, with tables and waiters everywhere, waiting for a chance to serve. A number of singers perform, most of which are West Art’s students, accompanied by a live band. An MC introduces all the acts and keeps the audience entertained, while desserts and drinks are brought to everyone’s table. Booths for popcorn, nachos, and raffle baskets are in the back of the room, out of the way of the main tables. For only ten dollars, it’s one amazing steal of a night.

As previously mentioned, there are tons of waiters and waitresses, anxiously awaiting a request from the diners. These waiters though, are none other than the West Arts kids themselves. All of them are 5th grade and up. Imagine coming to see a friend perform, only to have them be your server for the night. The hilarious and adorable twist is a fun one for friends and family.

Cabaret Night though is obviously not just about dining, it’s about watching a live performance. These performers, though they are mostly West Arts kids and staff, can be anyone. Anyone at all is allowed to come in an audition on November thirteenth. Whoever makes the cut will need to attend two more rehearsals before performing, but for the most part, it’s a very simple task. West Arts Productions is always hoping for some new and friendly faces at their auditions, so there is no need to be shy.

Participation goes beyond just performing, though. The audience can also visit the raffle booths at the back to win some amazing prizes. In the foyer, there will be someone waiting at a table to sell raffle tickets. Anyone who has bought tickets is welcome to put them in the box correlating the basket of their choosing. Towards the end of the night, the MC will pick from the basket and announce the winners. However, if the winner has already left, they will not receive the prize and it will go to the next person picked.

The students in West Arts Productions love to put on Cabaret Night and hope that this year will be as big a success as the last.  Ashley Wolf, a member of the Grease cast says, “I’m really excited for my first Cabaret Night, and I can’t wait to work with my friends to showcase all that we have worked on.”

A returning West Arts student, Alison Davis, who has been acting with them for six years, has said “Cabaret Night is our biggest fundraiser and we are relying on you to help. Without this night, we would have no program.”

Overall, Cabaret Night is a magical and fun event that is worth every penny. “Home for the Holidays”, is a theme that will make this Cabaret night truly special.

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