Everything YOU need to know about Prop 6 Reply

Dylan Weber

The first thing you may be wondering is what is Prop 6, as in what is a proposition. Well, a proposition is an idea proposed by the government to create/repeal/ban/alter/abolish a certain law, tax etc; But prop 6 specifically presents the idea of repealing the taxation on gas. What will this do? What are the effects? Does it benefit me? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Some may want to vote, but may not have enough details on the matter to make a firm decision! Fortunately, this is the right place. Prop 6 isn’t simply going to make gas cheaper, there are some other things that go alongside it. But what caused the dreaded gas tax in the first place?

Enter the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This act raised prices on fuel to supposedly help repair roads and improve maintenance. This act made the government 52 billion in profit, and that’s just off of gas! This money did not just flow to one agency, it was split into 6 different departments, from road maintenance to planning grants. Prop 6 plans on repealing this. Now if we repeal the tax that does not mean that all of the money going towards road maintenance will be completely gone. Money spent on gas already goes to improvement on roads.

It sounds like a nice deal, but what would be the repercussions of taking away the tax?

That is a very good question, lowering the tax would cause the cost of fuel to lower. It sounds great but you have to think, paying less money for gas means less money to the government; paying less money to the government means less money for the government to improve the state. Besides, the economy might fault from the removal of the tax. But that is purely theoretical. Also, if the government has less money to spend on roads, they may slowly wear down and get destroyed.

In summary, if we were to repeal the tax, the government funding of road works and project will fall by a large amount. If we keep the tax it could possibly raise and drive costs of gas higher than ever. In a quote by a fellow neighbor Joey Margeland, “Driving the costs higher means more money out of my pocket!”. But remember, more money means more repairs, more maintenance and better quality of roads.

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