Escape the Night S3 Overview Reply

Gavin Mercado

Escape the Night season three was quite crazy if you ask many viewers. It was nominated for four streamys and won one of them, best costume design. Many are already hoping for a season four announcement.

For right now, let’s go back in time and look at everything that happened in Escape the Night season 3.

The Guests:

Joey Graceffa as The Savant: Joey wore a crew neck shirt with white hair slicked to the side. .

Teala Dunn as The Super Spy: Nikita even said, ¨Love the outfit, girl.¨ Teala is rocking curly hair with a shiny one-piece dress, covered by a solid red jacket.

Nikita Dragun as The Troublemaker: Nikita is a complete drama queen this season. She is also wearing a shiny one piece. However unlike Teala´s, this one’s pink. Nikita is also wearing a blonde wig and white cowboy type boots.

Manny MUA as The Record Producer: Manny is dressed in a green jacket pairing with his denim jeans. His hair is meagerly spiked up with a blonde tint.

Safiya Nygaard as The Investigative Reporter: Safiya is wearing a leather fur coat along with another pair of denim jeans. Safiya is also wearing a bright red shirt under that.

MatPat as The Detective: MatPat is wearing an orange jacket with a tie to pair with it. He is also wearing plaid sweatpants or jeans. His orange tinted glasses seem to bring the costume all together.

Rosanna Pansino as The Jet Setter: Many Twitter accounts say that Rosanna is best dressed. One account says, ¨Her beanie seems to pull her costume all together.¨ Along with her beanie, she is wearing yellow tights and a green jacket. Her jacket also has two pom-poms tied to it.

Colleen Ballinger as The Disco Dancer: Colleen is wearing a two disco type articles. Leggings and a groovy top. Her necklace also brings her outfit together with its swingy sways.

Roi Fabito as The Daredevil: Roi is wearing white jeans with a brown belt this season. He also has a striped long sleeve shirt covered by an American Pride biker jacket.

JC Caylen as The Hippie: Our final guest, JC, is wearing plain denim jeans. To accompany his jeans, he is wearing a hippie type jacket with his usual curly hair.

Episode and Death Summaries:


Episode 1: The Clowns Here Kill:

In this episode, the characters are introduced. There are no deaths except for the mayor being thrown from the second floor of town hall. This when the guests learn about the artifacts.

Episode 2: The Clowns Here Kill II:

Ín this episode the first death challenge is introduced for the guests. The guests each vote their friends into a card in which two would be drawn. The first card is The Hippie. The second card that would be drawn is The Super Spy. It ends up being that Teala (The Super Spy) wins the challenge. The Hippie was killed. The episodes artifact is below.

Episode 3: Venomous Affections:

In this episode, a snake woman is angry at the guests and captures a few. After the remaining guests save the captured guests, the second challenge is introduced. In this challenge, The Troublemaker and The Daredevil are voted in. Nikita (The Troublemaker) wins the challenge which unfortunately meant Roi (The Daredevil) lost the challenge and was killed by the snake woman.

Episode 4: The Man With No Name:

In this episode, the guests are separated into two teams. Both teams attempt to solve clues while running away from the man with no name. Team A won the challenge, which meant that The Investigative Reporter, The Detective, The Jet Setter, and The Super Spy were up for elimination. It ends up that Rosanna (The Jet Setter) and Teala (The Super Spy)´s cards get drawn. Teala ends up being killed by the man with no name.

Episode 5: Strong Like A Demon:

In this episode, the guests are introduced to a mini-challenge to receive the artifact for the episode. Manny ends up beating everyone out. Towards the end of the episode, the guests realize that to cleanse the artifact they must vote two males into a challenge. This is the episode where things begin to get heated between Joey and Colleen. The two guests that were voted into the challenge were The Detective (Mat) and The Record Producer (Manny). Both of the guests compete; however, unfortunately, Mat loses and was killed by the Strong Man.

Episode 6: Twin Dolls:

In this episode, the guests start to give up. There is a slight depression in the group. However, they do realize they must continue to move forward and continue collecting the artifacts. The guests enter a Dollmaker´s Shop to find living twin dolls in which they must run from. After many minutes of running, the guests find the challenge. This challenge is much different from the others. The guests must vote one person into an iron maiden known as The Maiden of Madness. The guests vote in Colleen. The horrid scene of Colleen being dragged into the Maiden is known as the worst and most gruesome death in Escape the Night history.

Episode 7: Funhouse:

After Colleen´s death, the guests find a harp that can bring one person back to life. They decide to choose Mat. With Mat´s revival, the guests enter a funhouse. In the funhouse, the final two guests who don´t get taken by Willy (The Funhouse Master), will get to choose the two guests entering his challenge. It ends up that Rosanna and Safiya are the final two left in the funhouse. Rosanna votes in The Record Producer (Manny), and Safiya votes in The Troublemaker (Nikita). Nikita wins the challenge. However, Manny didn’t die. It ends up being that whoever voted in the winner of the challenge would be killed by Willy. With that being said, Safiya was slain by the Funhouse Master.

Episode 8: Wicked Witches:

With Safiya dead, the guests proceed to their second to the last artifact. Now, instead of clowns, or dolls, they face witches. These witches cursed Manny, Rosanna, Joey, and Mat. Everybody was cursed except for Nikita. Being cursed meant instead of growing a donkey tail or having time go by twice as fast, you are forced to participate in the challenge. The challenge was an obstacle course in which the guests had to not finish last in. One after the other, The Detective, followed by The Savant, followed by The Record Producer finished. Which unfortunately met The Jet Setter was killed by the Wicked Witches.

Episode 9: Control Issues:

In this episode, the final artifact must be won, which meant either The Savant, The Detective, The Record Producer, or The Troublemaker would have to be killed for it. During the episode, viewers meet Lucy, a psychopathic child, who owns her mutant dog. In the challenge, Lucy introduces the participants must search boxes to find an item so that they can win the challenge. The Troublemaker and The Record Producer were voted into the challenge. This lead to The Troublemaker winning, which meant The Record Producer was killed.

Episode 10 (Finale): The Carnival Master:

In this episode, the guests finally meet the carnival master in which they must defeat him with the artifacts. However, he steals every artifact from the guests, which means the Society Against Evil comes to help the guests. They eventually defeat him. However, it doesn’t end there. At the very end of the episode, Joey (The Savant) rips the crystal out of the Carnival Master´s chest to give viewers the cliffhanger of cliffhangers. Season 4 will be a revival of all previous dead guests, including Colleen (The Disco Dancer), Gabbie (The Vaudevillian), Lele (The Hustler), and many more guests!

If you would like to watch Escape the Night for yourself, please click the link below to binge it on YouTube Red… (Warning, May Be Sensitive To Some Viewers, Contains Profanity)

Would you like to see an Escape the Night Season 4? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, Cougars.

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