The Gaming Club Scandal 1

Gavin Mercado and Isabella Gonzalez

At Stacey, we have two gaming clubs, the original Gaming Club, and the… Original Gaming Club? It happens to be that there are two clubs claiming that they are both original.

One of the first Gaming Club members explains that this could be extremely confusing to potential new members. The Original Gaming Club that was introduced this year, is much different than the first Gaming Club. The fact that members there are calling it original, is upsetting to some of the members of the older gaming club.

When asked if members of the first Gaming Club would wish for the new Gaming Club, or Original Gaming Club to be removed from the list of clubs,  they said, ¨They shouldn’t be able to call themselves the Original Gaming Club because they are not the Original Gamer´s Club. However, I don´t want them to leave Stacey´s list of clubs. I just want them to change their name to something like Classic Gaming Club.¨

These opinions are valid, however no word yet from the Original Gaming Club´s opinion on this feud. Updates to follow.

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