Riverdale Reject 1

Dear Sam,

I really want to go trick or treating for Halloween with the Riverdale group, but my “friends” are saying I can’t go with them. They are dressing up as these characters from a popular show called Riverdale and they had no one for Veronica and I asked if I could as her. They laughed and said no. Now I have no one to go with for Halloween, I don’t want to go alone! I should never ask because now they aren’t even talking to me, and I’m staying in for Halloween. Please help, Sam!


Riverdale Reject

Dear Riverdale Reject,

First of all, you aren’t a reject, you just are in a friend situation. You should first tell these “friends” that laughing at you wasn’t kind and try to make up with them and see why they said that. If they were just being mean, then step out of your comfort zone and talk to other people. Ask questions and be interested in what they have to say, even if they seem to not like you because that probably isn’t true. Most people are just are uncomfortable and unsure what to do when they meet new people. You might be surprised at what great friends you will make. I did the same thing, and the person I talked to is now my best friend. After doing this, just simply ask a question like, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” That lead to, “Oh, that sounds cool. Can I go with you?” And if they are a true friend then they will 100 percent say yes. This will not only lead to you not being lonely for Halloween, but you might find amazing friends that have your back and will always be there for you. Hope this helps!



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