Peter Pan Cast List Reply

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Ashley Wolf

Ready to be taken to the wonderful world of Neverland? Students can have sword fights with pirates, fly with fairies, swim with mermaids, and never grow up? All students need is faith, trust, and pixie dust . . . and a ticket.

West Arts Productions is starting their fall show. If you haven’t already guessed, they will be doing Peter Pan.  The shows will be performed on January 31st, February 1st, 7th, and 8th of 2019. Tickets are ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for seniors and students.

Auditions were held on October 2nd and the cast list was released on the West Arts Production website on October 5th. The following list shows all of the wonderful students portraying the iconic characters from Peter Pan.

  • Alison Davis and Avalyn Walton as Peter Pan
  • Gwyn Kent and Isabel Lesser as Wendy Darling and Grown Up Wendy
  • Alexa Hartenberg and Sarah Davis as Tiger Lily
  • Adrianna Tyler-Costa and Samantha Rose as 1st Brave
  • Brandon Reyes and Josh Chang as John Darling
  • Noah Adling and Kennedy Nguyen as Micheal Darling
  • Nate Powell and Jack Adling as Mr. Darling and Captain Hook
  • Zoe Payne and Olivia Streifel as Smee
  • Stella Eppnick and Freya Berkley as Tinkerbell
  • Carissa Christiansen and Azcal Ortega as Mrs. Darling
  • Isabella Buddle and Aria Strampello as Jane
  • Hailey Lynch and Noelani Lynch as Liza
  • Holly Turner and Logan Walton as Slightly
  • Cash Chircos and Isaac Garcia as Tooties
  • Cicily Tompson and Bella Papale as Nibs
  • Lilianna Morales and Grace Polfer as Curley
  • Wolfie Ortega and Avery Delamar as Twin 1
  • Wendy Delta and Hailey Delamar as Twin 2
  • Johnny Ybarra as Starkey
  • Dominic Ybarra as Cecco
  • Olivia Streifel and Zoe Payne as Noodler
  • Jack Adling and Nate Powell as Mullins
  • Brady Glasser as Jukes
  • Love Strampello and Emma Adams as Nana and Crocodile

Peter Pan will be Eighth grader Alison Davis’s 24th show. She says “I have made many new friends in Peter Pan, and we have all been working really hard to make it a wonderful show. Everyone should really come and see it.”

Isabel Lesser has been doing West Arts since second grade. She says, “Peter Pan is going to be an amazing show. Everyone is working hard to put on an astounding performance. This show is significant to me because it will be one of my last shows, and I got cast as Wendy Darling, which is really exciting. Everyone in the cast is absolutely great, and I feel like this show will be a huge success. I hope everyone really enjoys it.”

Everyone should definitely come to see this show and watch everyone in the cast’s hard work pay off. This is sure to be a great show.

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