Meet Nellie Nguyen; Student Extraordinaire 11

Nellie Nguyen
Avalyn Walton

Every student strives to have good grades, be respected by teachers and peers, and have an outgoing and friendly personality. Luckily for the eighth-grade student, Nellie Huy Nguyen, all of these traits have already been achieved.

Nellie Nguyen is the very definition of a scholar and always strives for the absolute best. Nellie is a teacher´s dream and has had straight A’s all her life. Nellie is in Honors Language Arts and Reading, and is taking Algebra 1 this year.

And seeing as academic achievement is very important to her, it’s only fitting she be accepted into AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Nellie states, “My biggest achievement was probably being accepted into AVID.”

AVID has helped Nellie see a number of colleges, and really start to think about the future. Earning a bachelor’s degree from a good university is really important to Nellie and a big part of what she hopes to be her future. Ideally, that university would USF, or the University of San Francisco.

Nellie’s academic excellence didn’t begin here at Stacey Middle School, but rather at Schroeder Elementary. After leaving Columbus Ohio, where she lived for the first three years of her life, Nellie moved here to Westminster and was enrolled in Schroeder. Schroeder was, “a great experience, but I wouldn’t want to go back.” It had been just the start she needed, but Middle School is really great for her now.

Nellie enjoys and finds pride in all academics, but especially in the realm of science. Science to Nellie is, “Fascinating. I like to see how the world functions, why it exists the way it does.”

Aside from Academics, Nellie enjoys doing things that are challenging and engaging.  This includes puzzles, video games, and playing the piano. Music means a lot to Nellie, she likes to create something beautiful with sound. The piano is the perfect outlet for her.

All things considered, Nellie is beyond a wonderful person. Being able to handle honors classes, piano lessons, and still manage straight A’s is nothing short of impressive. Nellie Huy Nguyen is truly a remarkable student.


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